About the Editor

Hey everyone! My name is David Simmons. I live in a quiet residential area that was once a small village back in the 12th century. Interestingly, in the 13th century this village became known as the Horned Church.

Today all you have to do is take a short walk up the hill away from the high street and you will notice an old church. On the front of the church, right above the entrance, you can see the head of some animal with two horns. I would warrant a guess that it may just have been this church from which the town of Hornchurch derived its name.

I am an internet enthusiast. I do most all of my online work from home, except for that which I do during my lunch break at work of course. This convenience has allowed me to gain the flexibility to manage my lifestyle while still in my pajamas.

I am married and have two very energetic children. They are both still learning how to walk properly, however they seem to have running fast down pat!

One of my pet projects has become my website, www.everydaybunkbeds.com. With two little ones there may come a point at which I will have to find a way to place them in the same room but each with their own bed. Bring on the bunk bed!

If you have several children around the same age and sex bunk beds can be a life (and space) saver. Bunk beds can help by giving each child his or her own personal sleeping space while allowing them to share a room. This can be great for families who have trouble finding space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Say you have an only child? Don’t worry; I made sure that my site offers solutions for just such the situation. With the bunk bed / student desk combos your child can have plenty of space in his or her own room while still being able to have both bed and desk.

A bunk bed can be a great investment for a family. Imagine if you had twins, what would you do for an acceptable sleeping solution? Most twins prefer to be together and a bunk bed is a great way to give them this ability to do so.

No matter what your reason for considering a bunk bed don’t worry. My site has the bunk bed solution just for you. Come on in and have a look. You won’t be disappointed!

David Simmons