Berg Furniture

Berg Furniture started as a small company in 1984 out of Passaic, New Jersey. It is a family owned and operated company. The goal of the company was to create furniture that grew with the children. This company has grown and continues to grow with the demand for the type of furniture that they produce. They have a large show room in High Point, North Carolina where all of their furniture can be viewed.

The first creative collection of children’s furniture was the “Rainbow Collection.” It was sold in specialty stores at that time in their history. What parents loved about this collection was the functionality with no wasted space. Colors and a design that children loved made this become recognized by a larger market. Creativity was the key to their success in the children’s furniture market.

By 1990 Berg had outgrown their original building in Passaic and moved to Hillside, New Jersey. The company had already started diversifying into the adult furniture marketplace and had expanded their operations. This is not were their heart was and by 1995 they decided to change focus. They dropped all other furniture production and focused on children’s furniture. This furniture line would be the one that we are familiar with and continue to see today.

Child to Teen

With all of the Berg Furniture designs they focus on quality, practicality, functionality, color options and diversity of materials for each piece. Quality materials are used for safety and to be as eco-friendly as possible which includes years of use. Using quality materials means that the furniture you purchase is going to last from childhood through the teen years. This is important in the terms of money saved having to buy new furniture every few years.

Practicality and functionality are seen throughout their lines from infants through teen years. Their bedroom furniture is modular, which means that as the child grows and changes so can the furniture they are using by rearranging the modules so that they fit their age groups. All of their beds come with drawers either built into the system or can be fitted in with the system. This saves space and adds more storage.

Color options are available with most of their products giving the option to personalize your furniture choice. One of the ways to add color that they offer is different colored knobs that are used on drawers. Diversity of material can be seen through the different types of wood and laments that are used with each set. Their furniture is moderately priced when looking at just upfront cost. If you divide out the number of years that good furniture cost you will find that it is a deal for the long term.

Don’t just take my word for the creative beautiful series that Berg Furniture offers go and take a look. Buy with confidence today knowing that you are purchasing quality, creative, functional children’s furniture that will fit into your décor and home with ease. You are buying furniture that change as your child grows.