Berg Play And Study Fun Center: There’s Nothing Childish About It

Berg Play And Study Fun Center

I don’t need to tell you of the many headaches that are associated with purchasing furniture for your child. Not only do you want the furniture to be safe and well-built, its important that it maximizes the space in your child’s bedroom and, of course, that it looks good too. It can be incredibly taxing to find something that meets all your needs, both present and future, and still intrigues and interests your child.

If you find yourself in this predicament, struggling to make the most of limited space in your child’s bedroom and concerned about investing money in furniture products that your child will grow out of next year, consider the Berg Play and Study Fun Center. While I will admit that the name may strike you as a little childish, there is nothing childish about this fantastically imaginative all-inclusive piece of furniture.

With Berg’s innovative and cutting edge design, the Play and Study Fun Center combines a play/sitting area, a full-sized desk, ample storage areas, and a full twin bed in a single piece of furniture that has a surprisingly small footprint in a room. This means, simply, that all your child’s bedroom furniture needs are met within this one cleverly designed multi-use fun center, and there is sure to be lots of bedroom space left over.

Berg Puts the Fun in Functionality

While the Berg Play and Fun center may sound like something only appropriate for small children, you would be remiss not to consider this product for your tweens and teens as well. The name aside, not only does this piece of furniture include a full-sized computer desk, perfect for the every increasing amounts of homework your growing child will receive; it also includes ample desk storage; a corkboard to hang calendars, pictures, and reminders; drawers built right into the loft steps; a phone jack for your child to keep in contact with his or her friends; and, of course, a roomy bed above it all. In addition to all this,  the inclusion of a clever secret hidden sitting room, this unit is sure to provide your child with endless possibilities for adventure and learning.

Although you will most likely scoff at the notion of this unit as affordable, consider that if you purchase furniture or beds appropriate for each stage of your child’s development, your total costs after 12-15 years will clearly exceed the cost of this bed. But with Berg’s sturdy and well-built products, the Play and Fun Study center is guaranteed to outlast your child’s need for it…and maybe outlast your grand-children’s need for it as well.

For many that have very limited space to work with, there are few products on the market that combine all your child’s bedroom needs into one compact, well-built space saving package. With its relatively miniscule footprint—Dimension: 73″ H x 98″ W x 57″ D—if there’s anything the Berg Play and Study Fun Center doesn’t include, there will still be plenty of room left over to add it in.

So if you’re looking for a functional, innovative piece of space-saving furniture that your child will love, consider that the multi-use Play and Study Fun Center by Berg may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Click here to find out more about this and other innovative products from Berg.

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