Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Cherry Set: Tried, Tested, and True

If you’re looking for furniture for your children’s bedroom produced by one of the top manufacturers in the country, a company that prides itself on being the best and consistently strives to create affordable and innovative products that meet the real needs of customers, then you want Night & Day, the fastest growing futon seller in America!

Night & Day Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Cherry Set

While the company prides itself on producing futons, its professional standards, high quality craftsman, and dedication to producing some of the best furniture in the country apply to its world famous line of beds as well, units like the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed in cherry set. Through only the briefest of cursory investigations, you’ll discover that there are few companies in this country that pride themselves on producing the best furniture at the most affordable prices like Night & Day, and the fact that thousands can testify to the company’s reliability means that you can be rest assured that all of Night & Day’s products, like the twin bunk bed in cherry, are tried, tested, and true.

All too often, the mass-produced and mass-marketed pieces of particle board furniture available at your local big box stores are hard to get excited about. Not only are products like these made with inferior materials, but they’re often deceptively difficult to assemble, making you wonder why you thought they were the convenient and affordable choice to begin with.  But the days of having to rely on those inferior products are over, as the advent of online retail has brought you quality products like the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed, and with free shipping, it’s like you bought it from the furniture store down the street.

Not Just Futons

I have often been wary of promoting products that seem secondary in a company’s portfolio, so it may come as a surprise to see my writing about bunk beds produced by a company whose claim to fame is the production of quality, easy-to-assemble futons. But here’s the thing, for Night & Day a twin bunk bed may be secondary in its product line, but that doesn’t mean it’s an afterthought. For you see, Night & Day has the same commitment to producing top quality bunk beds as it has to producing America’s best built futons, and that’s saying something!

So if you’re looking for a versatile solution to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom, consider the simple yet sophisticated design of the Cinnamon twin bunk bed in cherry set. With its space-saving design—overall dimensions: 67.87″ H x 41.37″ W x 79.87″ D—this bed innovatively incorporates integrated storage, or if the needs of your family demand it, a trundle bed instead, meaning that this bed is sure to meet all of your family’s needs for years to come.

If you find yourself lost in a sea of bunk bed possibilities, consider a company who has built its solid reputation in the bedroom furniture market over the past decade; consider the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed in cherry set.

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