Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Natural Set: Au Naturel!

Night & Day Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Natural Set

While I for one am an unapologetic fan of dark wood stains, there are some that feel that coloring wood in this way robs it of its natural beauty. For those people, the draw of a product like the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed in natural finish is not necessarily the bed’s design, which admittedly is traditional and unadorned, but the fact that the bed is a clear example of the raw and natural beauty of wood furniture.

Like many of the most beautiful things in life, adorning this bed with unnecessary additions or masking its natural aesthetically pleasing finish with any paint or finish would be, in essence, robbing it of what makes it beautiful in the first place. For evidence of this principle, one needs only to look at the local singles hot spots to discover many beautiful people hiding behind layers of makeup, jewelry, and other unnecessary adornments.

The one surefire rule of bringing out true beauty, any fashion or furniture designer will tell you, is to discover how to accentuate one’s own natural beauty, without tarnishing, diminishing, or covering it in any way.  So too with the Night & Day Ginger twin bunk bed in natural, a straightforward, traditionally designed bed that, to put it simply, looks good naked.

The Power of Oak

So what’s so great about oak wood bunk beds like the Cinnamon twin bunk bed in natural tones? Not only do beds like this offer an air of advancement and sophistication to any room, they clearly exceed that tacky or cheap styling of many other competing beds. Further, the longevity of a hardwood bed is unmatched, as it will surely last throughout your children’s youth, and most likely through your grandchildren’s youth as well.

Simply put, if you want a bed that provide lasting beauty for you and your family, a bed that is sturdy enough to withstand anything your kids can throw at it, and a bed that that won’t empty your wallet; you want a bed from Night & Day bunk beds. With its dedication to producing high quality, affordable bunk beds, Night & Day is one of the most trusted names in the children’s bedroom furniture market.

Beyond this, Night & Day also provides an unrivaled line of accessories and extra features, meaning that you have unprecedented input into creating a bed that will meet your family’s specific needs, and continue to meet them for years to come.

This bed’s simple, straightforward space-saving design—overall dimensions: 67.87″ H x 41.37″ W x 79.87″ D—its versatile design—it separates into two stand-alone beds—and its high quality components means that for this price, the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed in natural tones stands alone.

So if you’re searching for the perfect bed for your kids, browse the unbeatable selection of beds from Night & Day and perhaps you’ll find that they have the perfect twin bunk bed for you! Click here to find out more about this and other innovative products from Night & Day.

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