Diamond Lake Twin/Twin Bunk Bed in Oak: Hardwood vs. Particle Board

Wildon Home Diamond Lake Twin/Twin Bunk Bed in Oak

When it comes to bunk beds, many times simpler is better. Sure it might be nice to have a bed that includes multiple shelves, a built-in desk, secret little hidey-holes, perhaps an entertainment unit, or even an innovative set of stairs or a slide, but the downside is, for the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars you’ll pay for beds with these features, they’ll often be made a sub-standard materials. So if you’re sick of looking at beds that look like they’re made with cheap particle board components, check out the Wildon Home Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed in oak.

In my mind, a necessary component for almost any bunk bed worth its salt is the fact that it’s made with quality hardwood materials. While it is unfortunate that harvesting hardwood is sometimes not as sustainable as other softer woods, there are several distinct benefits to using a wood like oak in the construction of a quality bunk bed like the Wildon Home Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed.

First, using quality hardwood components in a bed like the Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed in oak gives the bed an unsurpassed feeling of safety and security. The bed is sure to feel sturdy and solid, unlike many of the particle board beds you’ll find at the local big box furniture stores. Second, one of the distinct benefits of hardwood, unlike many manufactured woods, is that it sports unmatched durability, meaning that you can purchase this bed with the confidence that it will last through all the seasons of your children’s lives. Third, there is, for me at least, a natural beauty that accompanies hardwood beds like the Wildon Home twin/twin bunk bed in oak that I find lacking in both metal or manufactured wood beds.

Your Natural Solution!

It’s hard to say why using a solid hardwood in the construction of bed communicates a sense of durability and longevity to me, but it’s most likely because history has shown us that hardwood really is stronger and lasts longer than the alternatives. Further, with the Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed in oak you’ll be sure to get that strong sense of connection with the natural world, the feeling that this bed was built with thought and precision by craftsman who really cared about the finished product.

What this means for you is that if you’re looking for a simple, straightforward, traditionally designed bunk bed that is both sturdy and safe, look no further than the Wildon Home Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed. With its sturdy construction, unmatched affordability, and traditional space-saving design—overall dimensions: 69″ H x 42.5″ W x 80″ D—both you and your kids will be extremely satisfied with this bed.

So if you’re looking for a bed that will outlast the cheaply made products found in every big box furniture store across the country, turn to the trusted name of Wildon Home, a furniture company dedicated to giving you the best bedroom furniture at extremely affordable prices. With the Wildon Home Diamond Lake twin/twin bunk bed in oak you’ll find that you’ll have a bed that is sure to outlast your children’s need for it, meaning that in many years down the road, you’ll have a place for your grandkids to sleep as well.

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