Discovery World Honey Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: The In-Between Bed

Even though I pride myself on consistently and honestly providing reviews of the bunk bed market in an effort to help people make informed decisions as to what bed will best meet their needs, I’m always amazed at how little most people know about the bunk bed market in general. For most, when thinking about bunk beds they can’t help but remember the rickety, unsafe monstrosities of their youth, beds that were made to save space…and little else.

Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

But before purchasing a bunk bed, it’s always best to do a little research, and with just a few clicks you’ll quickly discover that you don’t have to settle for the bunk bed of your youth, but instead you can now choose a style, design, and size that optimally fits your family’s specific needs. With that said, if you need a little bit more space than the traditional twin over twin bunk bed, yet don’t have the space or the need of a full-sized unit, consider a bed like the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over full bunk bed.

With its deceptively small footprint—overall dimensions: 66″ H x 78″ W x 57″ D—you’ll be amazed a just how much room your kids will have to sleep, while retaining the maximum amount of square footage for other bedroom essentials as well. Simply put, a bed like the honey twin over full bunk bed is a perfect in-between bed, suitable for those families that can’t find what they’re looking for in the more traditional bunk bed sizes.

The Bed For Growing Children

In the fast growing modern bunk bed market, beds have sufficiently developed to take niche interests into consideration. What this means is that bunk beds are popular enough that companies can now afford to develop beds that meet a very specific need, and it’s no different with the Discovery World honey twin over full bunk bed. While most bunk beds will meet the basic sleeping needs of any two children, this bed has been designed specifically for families looking to sleep two children of disparate ages in the same space or for those that may need a little extra space when company comes over. In either case, the twin bed is ideal for any child, and the full bed below is large enough to sleep anyone, from child to adult.

So whether you need to create a functional space for two children or whether you’re simply looking for more room for an extra child to sleep over, there are plenty of options available to you when picking out the perfect bunk bed that meets your specific needs. So enough of the cookie-cutter bunk beds of your youth! If you’re looking to purchase a bed for your family, take a moment to figure out your family’s specific needs, wants, and interests, and with that you’ll know for sure if a bed like the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over full bunk bed is for you.

If it is for you, I’m glad I could help, and if it’s not what you’re looking for, I guarantee that I know of something that will meet your needs. There is a bed out there for you, guaranteed!

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