Discovery World Honey Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed: Pure Pine Perfection

Discovery World Honey Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

If there’s one thing I detest in the furniture market, it’s the shoddy, particle board options that are offered in the big box retailers across the country. You know the furniture I mean, the ones that have foreign sounding names, that boast the fact that they’re affordable, and sport a modern styling…and are made with the worst furniture materials available. You see, there are two reasons why those big box stores can sell that sort of furniture for so cheap: first, they don’t pay their manufacturers all that much, and second, those manufacturers use cheap, inferior components in their furniture products.

So if you’re looking for solutions for your kids’ bedroom that are not only affordable but that are made from components that you can trust—say like, wood—look no further than the Discovery World honey twin over full staircase bunk bed. Like all of the products from Discovery World, this bed is made with 100% pine, which means that you’ll never find particle board, Styrofoam, or plywood in furniture like this.

While wood furniture options do, admittedly, cost a little more than their distant particle board cousins, with the fact the wood options will last years longer, are sure to be sturdier, and frankly look better, the additional cost is simply an investment that you’re making in the years of enjoyment and satisfaction your kids will have with the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over full staircase bunk bed. Made with Elliotis Pine, a tree native to both American and Brazil, there are few other beds on the market that sport that high quality wood, superior construction, and space-saving design—overall dimensions: 63″ H x 98.5″ W x 41″ D—as this innovative bed from Discovery World.

A Bed With The Rainforest In Mind

One of the distinct problems with beds that are made from pine is that most of the world’s pine used in furniture construction comes from South America, more specifically, the rainforest. Thousands upon thousands of hectares of rainforest are harvested every day as people look for ways to make quality hardwood like pine cheaper, and thus more desirable, for people around the world. It is not even a question in my mind that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest ecological disasters in the history of the world, but being concerned about such things doesn’t mean that you can never purchase a product made of wood again, it just means that you have to be aware of where the wood comes from.

One of the fantastic things about the Discovery World products like the honey twin over full staircase bunk bed is that they are made with wood grown on a plantation in Brazil, meaning that you get all the strength of a bed made with pine, with the peace of mind that the wood used did not come from the rainforest. Quite simply, Brazilian pine is second to none when it comes to building furniture for your children’s bedroom, and Discovery World is firmly committed to providing you with this top notch wood without harming the world’s natural resources.

So if you’re in the market for an innovative and affordable bed that takes the needs of Mother Earth into consideration, look no further than the Discovery World honey twin over full staircase bunk bed.

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