Discovery World Honey Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed: Simply Sophisticated

Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

In the midst of a bedroom furniture market that now sees beds created with tents, slides, swings, entertainment centers, and secret rooms, it is certainly refreshing to see a bed that actually looks like a bed; one created with a traditional sense of style and comfort; one that simply and effectively provides your children with an exciting and sturdy place to lay their heads. So if you’re looking for a bed without all the extra features and unnecessary do-dads, perhaps consider something like the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over twin bunk bed.

With its standard stacked bed layout plus its helpful ample under-bed storage, no one would ever say this bed was flashy or impressive, but then again, that’s not really what you’re looking for is it? You’re in the market for a bed that does what it’s supposed to: optimize the space in your children’s bedroom, provide your kids with an exciting place to call their own, and be a sturdy investment that you know will last as long as your family needs it.

Further, with the fact that this honey twin over twin bunk bed costs hundreds of dollars less than the ones that sport more features than you ever thought possible—and the fact that swings and slides are at the park just down the street—is there anything you need that this simply, traditionally styled bed doesn’t provide?

Contemporary Safety Meets Traditional Style

As I’ve written before, when some of us here the word ‘traditional’ when it relates to a bunk bed, our mind is flooded with images of the beds of our youth; pieces of furniture that were constructing with no thought to safety at all. In fact, I remember the bunk bed of my youth as being one that had neither a ladder nor any safety railings at all, a point that certainly caused many childhood bumps and bruises but fortunately nothing more serious. But in this modern age, where safety regulations control almost every facet of our lives, a bed like the Discovery World honey twin over twin may look traditional, but it’s built with your family’s safety and security in mind.

That, coupled with the fact that Discovery World uses sturdy and sustainably harvested pine to construct their beds, instead of the particle board garbage found in most beds you’ll find at the local big box retailers, means that with this bed the one question you’ll never have to ask is, is it safe enough? Thank goodness someone still makes bed the way they’re supposed to be made.

So if you’re tired of beds that have more features than a luxury car, if you’re looking for something that looks more like what a bed should look like, look no further than the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over twin bunk bed. With its simple space-saving design—overall dimensions: 64″ H x 78.5″ W x 41″ D—and the innumerable other pieces of bedroom furniture in this collection from Discovery World, this bed is sure to be the one you’ve been searching for.

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