Discovery World Honey Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed: The American Standard

Over the past fifty years bunk beds have become a mainstay in American culture, as ubiquitously American as apple pie, and when a product achieves that sort of enduring status in our culture, it is almost always because it effectively meets the ever-present needs of a wide variety of people. That’s why if you are faced with the issue of sleeping multiple children within a small space, trust in the solution that millions of people have been depending on for the past several decades, and consider purchasing a quality product like the Discovery World honey twin over twin over twin bunk bed.

Discovery World Honey Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

One of the greatest things about purchasing a bunk bed for your kids is that while its innovative and timeless design is meant primarily to address the issue of space, it does so without sacrificing optimal functionality; which means that while it only takes up the floor space of one bed, it allows both your kids to have a space to call their own. This becomes increasingly important the more living costs in this country continue to climb, as many families are finding it challenging, if not downright impossible, to live without the help of a bunk bed.

So if you’re looking for a way to optimize the space in your children’s room, yet you still want to give each of your kids a space to call their own, consider the answer that millions have found over the past half century, consider purchasing a bed like the Discovery World Furniture honey twin over twin over twin bunk bed.

Two Beds In One

With the economy slowly recovering, companies like Discovery World know that you want your dollar to stretch as far as possible, which is why now is the perfect time to invest in a bunk bed for your kids. Not only does the purchase of a bunk bed save you considerable space in any room, but purchasing a product like the honey twin over twin over twin bunk bed is considerably less expensive than buying two separate twin beds. In fact, the cost of a bunk bed like this is usually around two-thirds of the cost of two separate twin beds, meaning that with a product like this you’ll save space and a lot of money as well.

Further, in this modern age there is the added concern that our purchases should be environmentally friendly in an effort to help each of us reduce our global footprint on the earth, and clearly a bunk bed crafted with sustainably harvested Brazilian pine, one that is certain to last for decades to come and not choke our landfills is a purchase you can be proud of.

So if you’re in the market for a product that will help you save space in your kids room—overall dimensions: 64″ H x 78.5″ W x 41″ D—that still offers both your kids a place to call their own, a product that offers ample storage and is environmentally friendly, look no further than the simple and traditional design of the Discovery World honey twin over twin over twin bunk bed, truly an American standard.

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