Discovery World Merlot Full Over Full Bunk Bed: The Bed for Any Situation!

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Over Full Bunk Bed

One of the greatest issues preventing people from purchasing a bunk bed is the question of versatility…or lack thereof. Most often bunk beds are designed to meet a specific family need, aimed at children at a specific developmental period of their life. Once the children have grown out of that stage and once the family’s needs have changed, the bunk bed because a useless annoyance; another unnecessary piece of furniture collecting dust in the corner.

But if you’re looking for a bed that will continuously provide a comfortable, spacious sleeping space for anyone, from children’s to adults, then look no further than the Discovery World Furniture merlot full over full bunk bed. The beautiful thing about this bed is not only its rich merlot finish, but the fact that with one purchase you’ll have a bed that will last your kids until they leave home, and even then, you have a perfect sleeping solution for guests.

Quite simply, the merlot full over full bunk bed is the perfect purchase for those looking for long-term solutions to their family’s bedroom furniture needs. In addition to its versatile design, the fact that this bed, as with all Discovery World products, is made with unmatched craftsmanship and sturdy, sustainably harvested Brazilian pine means that the bed is certain to outlast your family’s need for it.

True Furniture Value

As my fellow writers have mentioned here on several different occasions, it’s truly difficult to gauge the true “value” of a product like the Discovery World Furniture Merlot full over full bunk bed. It’s obvious that this bed isn’t the cheapest bed on the market, as you just have to look at any metal bunk bed to realize that there are units available for a fraction of the price. Further, it’s also obvious that this bed doesn’t include some of the features like incorporated storage or stairs that other beds now have. But with that said, this merlot full over full bunk bed is not priced as high as some of those more elaborate feature-rich beds anyways.

The true value of this bed, in my mind, is determined solely on how well it meets your needs coupled with how long it will last, and the truth is that few beds will last longer than ones make with solid hardwood, and with a price barely over $700 ($724) you’ll recoup your investment in this bed with the years your children will enjoy sleeping, playing, and living with it. Additionally, with the money and space that you’ll save with this product—overall dimensions: 68″ H x 80″ W x 57″ D—you’ll easily be able to find the funds and the space to add several of the matching extras produced by Discovery World.

So if you’re looking for a versatile bed that embodies the word “value,” look no further than the Discovery World Furniture merlot full over full bunk bed. It will be a purchase that your kids will enjoy for as long as they’re at home, and perhaps even a bed that your grandchildren will enjoy as well.

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