Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: A Touch of Class

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

It’s no secret that one of my favorite finishes for any piece of furniture is an elegant merlot finish. Its rich textured and deep tones add warmth and inspiration to any room, and are the perfect answer for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their children’s bedroom. That’s why, in my mind, there are very beds that look more elegant or sophisticated than the Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over full bunk bed.

Further, adding to the unrivaled aesthetic beauty and modern sense of class conveyed by this bed, the fact that it’s made with solid Brazilian pine, quite possibly one of the best woods for dark stains like a merlot finish, means that if you’re looking for a bed that matches your sense of modern style and design, look no further than this merlot twin over full bunk bed.

But if you’re thinking that all this bed has to offer is good looks, this unit has lots more in store. Aside from its functional twin over full design, perfect for sleeping two children of vastly disparate ages, and its innovative slanted ladder, useful for preventing slips and falls, the simple design of this bed still manages to incorporate ample under-bed storage space, meaning that not only will it provide your children with great sleeps, but a convenient place to store everything your kids need as well. Therefore, if you’re looking for a traditional bunk bed designed to optimize the space in your kids room—overall dimensions: 66″ H x 78″ W x 57″ D—yet still retains a sense of sophistication and class, the Discovery World merlot twin over full bunk bed is made for you.

The Challenge Of Sharing A Room

There’s no question that it’s difficult for kids to share a room, especially if their difference in age is more than four years. But if you find yourself with the predicament of making this difficult situation work, one of most effective ways to make it happen is retaining a personal sense of space for each child, and there are few pieces of furniture that can provide that space better than a twin over full bunk bed. The top bunk is sure to provide you younger child with a sense of pride and joy at the thought of sleeping while soaring above the room, and the larger full sized bed on the bottom is sure to give your older child the functional space they need to sleep.

With that said, the additional benefit of a bunk bed such is that it’s designed to save space in a room, meaning that if you don’t have to find additional floor space for a second bed, that square footage can be filled with other useful pieces of individualized furniture like drawers, desks, and comfortable chairs. While it’s almost a guarantee that as your children get older they’ll be less satisfied with sharing a room, when the demands of life force them into that situation there are ways to make the experience not only bearable, but actually enjoyable.

So for those in the market for a space-saving bed, one that will allow two children to share a room comfortably, and a bed that will maintain the sense of class and sophistication that you expect from all your home furnishings, look no further than the Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over full bunk bed.

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