Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed: Uniquely Amazing!

Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

I’ve written extensively about both the clear benefits of an integrated staircase over the traditional ladder and the appeal of the elegant style of a deep merlot finish, but when you put them together into one ingenious and innovative package like the Discovery World merlot twin over full staircase bed, the result is something truly uniquely amazing!

Not only does this bed sport what I would consider to be advanced safety features (for the bunk bed market, that is) like the staircase, something that becomes invaluable to younger children who may struggle with a ladder (especially in the middle of the night), but it also features one of the best finishes overtop some of the best hardwood components that money can buy, and when you put that all together into a package for less than one thousand dollars you’ve really got a bed worth talking about.

While I will admit that there are few features of the Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over full staircase bunk bed that I would call unique, as you’re certain to find other beds with ample under bed storage, extensive additional furniture set pieces, an integrated chest of drawers and a staircase, it’s rare to find them all together and wrapped in a richly textured merlot finish, and it’s this fact that makes this merlot twin over full staircase bunk bed stand out from the competition.

No Exaggeration!

It should come as no surprise that the bread and butter of an online product blogger comes in the form of hyperbole and exaggeration. Nothing makes a product look better than making everyone think that it’s simply the best product on the market, and I will admit that I’ve employed that tactic more than once when writing about bunk beds. But literary devices and marketing tactics aside, in a moment or rare openness and honesty, if I had to choose a bunk bed unit for my kids—a decision I’ll have to make in the coming years—this would be the one, no question about it.

Not only does this bed match the sense of style and design that I have in mind when purchasing any piece of furniture in my house, as I find brown, merlot and cherry finishes all convey a distinct sense of intelligence and sophistication, but with its ample integrated storage it would meet several of the furniture needs of my children’s bedroom in one compact, space-saving package—overall dimensions: 63″ H x 78″ W x 57″ D.

So take it from a guy who’s seen everything, and I mean everything, in the world of bunk beds, the Discovery World merlot twin over full staircase bed stands out from the competition as a bed that combines enhanced functionality, storage, sleeping space, and aesthetic beauty into one affordable package. With all this, it can truly be said that this bed is uniquely amazing!

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