Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed: A Gateway to Imaginative Adventures

Our boat floated softly over the rolling ways of hot lava, quiet enough to lull even the most rambunctious children to sleep, if only we hadn’t been dedicating all our energies to fighting off the pirates that were trying to plunder our gold. Oh the imagination of a child! While this whimsical story of my youth may seem a little strange, even disjointed, just try bringing reason and logic into the imaginative stories your children are sure to create when enjoying their very own Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over twin bunk bed.

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Many times when families are shopping for the ideal space-saving bunk or loft bed solution for the children’s bedroom furniture needs, what is almost never taken into consideration is what the children want and what they’ll get out of a purchase like a merlot twin over twin bunk bed. For children, the bottom line when it comes to a bunk bed is that it’s a fun, cool-looking piece of furniture that they can call their own, and if you’re kids are anything like my siblings and I when we were young, all it takes for years of enjoyment due to countless imaginative adventures is a child’s creativity and the simple, traditional layout of a bunk bed from Discovery World.

You see, many companies will tell you that for your children’s bed to be enjoyable that it needs numerous extra features, from secret little hidey-holes to entertainment centers, from slides to full entertainment centers, but none of that is actually true. You’ll find that the deceptively simple layout and the rich merlot finish of this bed is all that your kids will need to escape into their own little worlds.

The Importance Of Imagination

As we are now witnessing the first generation of children raised with the overpowering presence of computers, video games, and cellphones, it’ll be a number of years before we can gauge the effect that these devices have on our kids’ imaginations and, in turn, how they influence our kids’ physical and mental development; but I can wager a guess as to what the answer will be.

What these studies will inevitably find is that modern technology is changing the way our kids think, as things like the imaginative adventures of one’s youth are replaced with video games that simulate the exact same thing. But there are many things that you, as parents, can do to help prevent this, and one is providing your kids with a place of their own, a place away from the TV and the computer, a place like the Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over twin bunk bed.

Now perhaps you’re skeptical that a simple bunk bed could have so much influence over your children’s development, but I’m here to tell you that it’s true. So if you’re looking to give your kids a piece of furniture that takes into consideration both their physical and mental development, that gives them a place to play and be kids, look no further than the Discovery World Furniture merlot twin over twin bunk bed.

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