Disston Twin/Full Bunk Bed in White: The “Value” Choice

Wildon Home Disston Twin/Full Bunk Bed in White

When searching out the best deals on bunks beds to post here at EverydayBunkBeds.com, people often ask me what bed boasts the best value? But for many people, I’ve found that the real question they’re asking me is what bed is the cheapest? I rarely equate the two in my mind, as I tend to recognize value not in terms of price, but in terms of what sort of return it gives me. In the world of bunk beds, evaluating a bed’s return can be difficult, but here are a few simple questions that you need to ask yourself before considering purchasing a bunk bed.

Take a bed like the Wildon Home Disston twin/full bunk bed for example. If I had come across this bed in an internet search I would first ask myself, who makes this bed? After some cursory research, I would naturally discover that Wildon Home is both a trusted and affordable furniture brand, one used by thousands of satisfied customers. The second question I would ask, what are my family’s needs? As a parent of two young girls, a bed like the Disston twin/full bunk bed in white would be ideal, as it not only provides them both with a place to sleep, but with its classic white frame its sure to match any colors or designs they might want to add later.

The third question to ask when it comes to determining value is, quite simply, how long do I need it? If I am looking for a long-term solution to my children’s sleeping situation, I would naturally look for a bed that included more features, was built with the best materials available, and was, naturally, more expensive; which means, quite honestly, that perhaps the Disston twin/full bunk bed might not be for me. However, since I’m considering moving my family in the next five years, I certainly don’t want to invest in a bed that my kids might not need after that, and so for the needs of my family, the Wildon Home Disston twin/full bunk bed is perfect.

A Few Simple Questions

Beyond these vital questions listed above, the ones that every person shopping for a bunk bed for their family, there are several other important questions that should be answered as well. Consider, for one, the issue of space, for while it’s obvious that all bunk beds are designed to optimize space, they aren’t all designed to optimize the same amount of space.

If your kids have a small to medium sized room, the Wildon Home Disston twin/full bunk bed will fit nicely, leaving both kids with enough space for the other essentials like dresser drawers and desks.

With a bed such as this, however, the one question you probably won’t ever need to ask is will it match my home décor? The one amazing thing about a white finish, you’ll soon find, is that it quite possibly goes with everything. So if you find yourself asking the same important questions I did, consider that the Wildon Home Disston twin/full bunk bed may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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