Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed in Cappuccino: Promoting Positive Study Habits

Wildon Home Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed in Cappuccino

While there are innumerable all-in-one bed packages available today, there are few that communicate a sense of class and style better than the Wildon Home Dorena twin workstation bunk bed in cappuccino. The rich dark brown tones of this unit are sure to stimulate the eye, while the built in computer desk and workstation are sure to stimulate the mind as well.

Aside from its sturdy construction, its top-notch safety features, and high quality components this bed is designed to provide your child with a place to work on homework and studies as well, meaning that the Dorena twin workstation bunk bed in cappuccino may just be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for to help your child develop proper study habits and finally start getting their homework done on time.

Now I remember what it’s like to do homework, and almost no child really wants to do it while there’s the possibility for playing, but that’s where the genius of the design of this twin workstation bunk bed in cappuccino comes in. It’s no secret that all kids love bunk beds, as it provides them a cool place to call their own. Now imagine that you could incorporate a workstation into that sense of cool, and suddenly doing homework goes from a chore to a joy, as your kids will want to spend time sleeping, working, and living on this innovative bed.

The Affordable 2-In-1 Bed

How much would you anticipate spending on furnishing your child’s bedroom? If you were considering wood furniture, make with quality hardwood, and sporting a quality finish, you could very well find yourself spending several hundred dollars on the bed alone, with each additional piece, like desks, drawers, and shelves, each costing you over one hundred dollars each.

When you stop and think about what a full bedroom will in fact cost you, the true affordability of a quality 2-in-1 unit like the Wildon Home twin workstation bunk bed in Cappuccino comes into view. For an unbeatable price of $542.00, this unit provides you not only with a quality twin bed, but a full sized workstation and ample shelving as well. This means that almost all your child’s bedroom needs are taken care in this one purchase; a purchase that is sure to save you money.

Quite simply, as a parent I always take into consideration not only the value of the products I purchase for my kids, but the versatility and functionality of those products as well. For me, this means that I want to know what else a certain product will do, even when it comes to bed.

In my mind, anyone can build a simple bed, but the real ingenuity of any furniture manufacturer is demonstrated in not only providing a place to sleep but in providing essential extra features as well, and with the Wildon Home Dorena twin workstation bunk bed in cappuccino I am impressed not only by its aesthetically pleasing stylish design, but the fact that with this product Wildon Home clearly demonstrates a concern for all facets of my children’s lives, from their sleep to their studies.

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