Drew Full Workstation Bunk in Black: Designing a Room Upwards

Over our modern history, as the population of cities has continued to grow we’ve had to find ingenious ways of comfortably living large groups of people in a small confined area. This challenge naturally led to architects and engineers expanding the modern city upwards in the form of innovative and comfortable apartment complexes. While this was a large scale answer to the serious issue of overcrowding, the same principles can be applied on a smaller scale when designing a bedroom layout.

Wildon Home Drew Full Workstation Bunk in Black

So why should you consider a bunk bed with a desk? Because in this modern age, with many people living in small spaces; it has become essential to be creative in the planning and design of your living area in such a way that you can accommodate all your daily activities. If you find that you have space that won’t conveniently let you put both a bed and a desk on the floor, consider employing the innovative design of a bed like the Wildon Home Drew full workstation bunk in black.

Quite simply, the draw of a bedroom furniture unit like the Drew full workstation bunk in black is that not only is it affordable—at an incredibly low $525.00—but that it looks great and is sure to maximally optimize the space in even the smallest of bedrooms as well. Not only that, but with its modern, almost futuristic, design, you child will love to sleep and study with the help of this affordable Wildon Home unit. So when you’re faced with a room that won’t allow you to include all the furniture that your family needs because of space, consider innovative products like the Wildon Home Drew full workstation bunk, a bed that allows you to design a room upwards to make the most out of every square inch.

Perfect For Sleep and Study

As I say with almost every bed that I find sporting a full sized computer desk/workstation, the benefits of a bed like this is that it meets more than one of your child’s important developmental needs. It’s no secret that for a child to grow and development into a healthy adult that ample amounts of sleep in a safe and secure environment are necessary, but with that said, it’s important not to overlook the importance of mental development as well. By including a full sized desk into its stylish futuristic design, the Drew full workstation bunk in black will not only give your child the thrill of owning a bunk bed, but it will make developing quality study habits an important part of your child’s life as well.

We all know that it’s tough to get most kids to focus on their homework, but when you include the thought of studying in a cool and fun bed design like this, your kids will be begging you to let them go to their rooms. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a compact space-saving—overall dimensions: 72.625″ H x 69.625″ W x 80.625″ D—bedroom unit that meets several of your child’s important developmental needs, look no further than the Wildon Home Drew full workstation bunk in black.

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