The Dufur Full Loft Bed in Black: A Distinctly Grown-Up Bed

All too often bunk and loft beds are marketed to parents with small children as an affordable, space-saving solution to the problem of rooming several children comfortably in a limited space. But if you’re like me, living in a downtown apartment or a bachelor flat, you would do almost anything to have even the limited space of your childhood bedrooms to work with again. So if you find yourself struggling to find a space-saving bed with a contemporary, grown-up feel to it, look no further than the Wildon Home Dufur full loft bed in black.

Wildon Home Dufur Full Loft Bed in Black

For if there’s one thing that Wildon Home understands, it’s that life is expensive, and with the astronomical cost of an apartment anywhere near the city, Wildon Home knows that you’ll want to, in fact you’ll probably need to, make the absolute most of what you have. But perhaps you’re still wary of a multi-functional bedding unit like the Wildon Home full loft bed in black, because, after all, bunk beds are for kids, aren’t they?

As with many beds designed with adults in mind, what you won’t find here are the clunky, traditional styles of the bunk beds of old, but instead a sleek and sophisticated modern piece of furniture. Further, the Wildon Home Dufur full loft bed is designed with a multi-purpose layout in mind, meaning that while its full bed is sure to provide almost anyone with ample room and comfort, the fact that it incorporates a full-sized work station underneath means that you won’t have to find that extra space to fit in a computer desk.

Transitional Furniture For Your Evolving Life

Recently a good friend of mine purchased this very bed for your fourteen year old son. The family had recently suffered through a divorce, which meant that money, as well as space in their new apartment, was tight. She found the Dufur full loft bed in black on-line and subsequently informed me of its existence, which is when I went to work. Quite simply, what I found is that not only would this bed be the perfect solution for my friend’s son, but it was sure to last him throughout his college and early adult years, a feat not often matched in today’s furniture market.

Let’s face it, folks. As we age our tastes, our needs, and our style all evolve and change, and with that we often find ourselves purchasing new clothes, new items, and new furniture to suit our desires. Very rarely, however, does a piece of furniture come along like the Wildon Home Dufur full loft bed, that is able to seamlessly transition with you. With its sleek, modern, and timeless design and finish, you’ll find that the Wildon Home full loft bed will meet your needs through almost all the seasons of your life, and when you no longer need it, it’ll be ready for your kids to use it too.

So if you’re looking for a bed with a distinctly grownup feel for you or someone that simply wants to feel grownup, look no further than the Wildon Home Dufur full loft bed in black. With its compact design—overall dimensions: 72″ H x 58″ W x 80″ D—and multi-functional layout, this bed is sure to impress even the most discerning of critics.

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