The Eagle Point Twin/Twin Bunk Loft Bed in Silver: A Touch of Modern Elegance

Wildon Home Eagle Point Twin/Twin Bunk Loft Bed in Silver

If you’ve given this site even a passing glance, you’ve no doubt noticed the veritable ocean of beds available today. You’ve seen beds with rich finishes and traditional layouts; you’ve seen lofts that incorporate desks, shelves, and storage; you’ve seen bed designs so sublime and decedent that your marvel at the skilled hands that created them; heck, you’ve even seen beds that incorporate tents and slides into their innovative and exciting designs.

But what about a bed that offers a sense of contemporary class and sleek sophistication, without sacrificing quality or functionality? If you’re looking for such a bed, I introduce to you the Wildon Home Eagle Point twin/twin bunk loft bed in silver. With its pristine silver finish, this bed is sure to dazzle the eye and fit seamlessly into even the most contemporary design schemes of any posh downtown apartment.

While its design is certainly one of this bed’s key selling points, for me, it’s not the most attractive thing about this product. In addition to the innovative and cutting edge design of the Eagle Point twin/twin loft bed in silver, is the functionality provided by its layout and included features. With a workstation, ample storage, and a bookshelf included in the overall design, there are few bedroom needs that this unit doesn’t meet, and if there are, the clever movable bottom bunk is sure to leave you room for them.

A Bed On Wheels

With the ingenious creation of a mobile bottom bunk, the Wildon Home twin/twin bunk loft bed in silver is, quite possibly, one of the most versatile contemporary designed beds on the market. Whether you’re sleeping one child or two, the fact that the bottom bunk its fixed into the overall unit means that when the whole bunk bed experience grows old for your kids, the bed can change with them, providing you with the space under the vaulted sleeping surface for drawers, storage, or a comfy chair to curl up in. Further, when sleeping one child, the extra bed is perfect for sleepovers or guests, and it comes at no extra cost.

Simply put, one of the downsides of any modern bunk bed is the fact that the stacked beds are inextricably linked, meaning that when your kids grow out of a bunk bed, it becomes rather useless. So perhaps now the genius behind this twin/twin bunk loft bed in silver is becoming clear; it’s versatile enough to be a bunk bed when it’s that sort of bed that meets your family’s needs, but it can easily be switched to a contemporary loft bed when those needs change. It’s as simple as that.

So if you’re in the market for a bed that employs a sublime and stylish modern design, that doesn’t cut corners on functionality, space-saving ability—overall dimensions: 71.625″ H x 42.125″ W x 82.625″ D—that is sure to please your kids and dazzle the eye, while providing you with an unmatched versatility in meeting your family’s ever-changing needs, consider the Wildon Home Eagle Point twin/twin bunk loft bed in silver.

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