Elgin Twin/Full Bunk Bed in Silver: For Kids Of All Ages!

While many parents may want to, at some point in their children’s lives, provide them with a room of their own, the reality of the situation is, giving each child their own room is not always feasible, or even possible. For many families, living on a tight budget means that even children of vastly different ages may have to share a room, and while no one would consider this situation ideal, the Wildon Home Elgin twin/full bunk bed in silver is the way to make the best of it.

Wildon Home Elgin Twin/Full Bunk Bed in Silver

By providing your kids with a twin/full bunk bed in silver, you give them both beds that are suited to their needs, which in turn gives them the space and privacy they crave, all the while optimizing the limited space in your home. Further, with its stylish silver metal finish this bed will give your home a sense of sophistication and class, a piece of furniture that you can truly be proud of.

Unlike many other beds on the market, this bed is made for real life, and as we can all attest too, real life is often times not exactly as we pictured it. But the best way to meet life’s challenges is head on with a positive attitude, and with the purchase of a Elgin twin/full bunk bed in silver, you’re kids are sure to positive about the prospect of sleeping in this bed. Like all of the products from Wildon Home, this bed is made with the real needs of families in mind, and while it doesn’t have some of the extra features of more expensive beds, it will still meet all your space-saving bedroom needs.

Built for Real Life

I have spoken to many families, particular single parents that, in extremely tough economic times, are forced to make the decision to share a room with their kids. While this circumstance is not easy for anyone to endure, the Wildon Home twin/full bunk bed in silver will at least provide both you and your child with a safe and secure place to sleep, all the while continuing to excite your child with the prospect of sleeping high above the ground.

Often times, what many furniture companies fail to realize is that their products need to solve the problems of real life, not answer the pie-in-the-sky fantastical needs of imaginary families that some marketing executive concocted in a boardroom to sell bunk beds. While it might be nice to have a bed that had secret compartments, extra shelves, tents, slides or whatever else companies tack onto beds these days, what is even nicer to know that there are still companies that make affordable quality bedroom furniture that can help any family through the difficult trials of life.

Although sharing a bedroom with your child is never an ideal solution, the Wildon Home Elgin twin/full bunk bed in silver will help make it bearable, even enjoyable, for you both. With its sturdy frame, safety features, and space-saving design—overall dimensions 66″ H x 79″ W x 47″ D—this bed, unlike so many others, is actually made for real life.

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