Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: The Changing Bedroom Scene

University Loft Mission Merlot Extra Long Senior Crew Loft

Once upon a time bunk beds were simply functional pieces of unsightly furniture, clunky and burdensome monsters that were useful only for sleeping, and even that they weren’t all that good at providing. But times have changed, and in addition to providing versatile space-saving solutions for any bedroom in your house, lofts and bunk beds are now designed with additional storage options in mind.

Modern bunk beds, such as the University Loft Mission Merlot extra long senior crew loft, are fully customizable, leaving you loads of convenient nooks and crannies to store just about anything. Image all the room you can save if all your kid’s stuff could be kept in a single place. Not only that, but imagine if you could have a bed that not only provided your kids with a place to lay their head, but also a place to do their homework or nestle comfortably into a corner to read a book. If you think that no bed could do all that and still be affordable, think again; University Loft continues to provide well-built bunk beds, designed to save space and dazzle the eye.

That being said, as with all the beds in the University Loft Mission Merlot line, the extra long senior crew loft provides the sophisticated dark red-brown finish that the entire series is famous for; a touch of class for a piece of furniture that many once thought was an unfortunate and ugly necessity.

It’s a Loft, Not a Bunk Bed

While many teens or young adults may feel that a bunk bed is simply too childish or impractical for their sleeping needs, the Mission Merlot crew loft series has a distinct grown-up feel to it, as its solid construction, its functional layout, and its aesthetically pleasing finish are details that that anyone can feel good about.

Further, the language of creative space optimizing beds such as the extra long senior crew loft is changing. For the most part, gone are the words bunk bed, a term held over from days gone past, a relic of a time when only children would even want to sleep in a stackable bed. Instead, these revolutionary beds are known as lofts, elevated and customizable sleeping solutions, a name that gives them a sophisticated feel. With this change in language many people, from college room-mates to young professional singles alike, are turning to these practical and elegant beds to meet not only their space-saving needs, but also their design and budgetary needs as well.

The plethora of choices available from University Loft is sure to provide you with furniture that is flexible and versatile enough to decorate any room for any person in exactly the way you want. With its compact dimensions—each individual bed end: 34.5″ H x 43.25″ W x 3.5″ D—the University Loft Mission Merlot extra long senior crew loft makes it possible to create not only a functional bedroom, but also one that is stylish, original, and sophisticated. With such a bedroom available, isn’t it time you investigated the University Loft line of beds? Click here to find out more about this amazing bed and other products from University Loft.

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