The Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: It’s Guaranteed To Please!


University Loft Graduate Series Extra Long Senior Crew Loft

Buying a bed without actually seeing it first can be difficult. It’s hard to know if it’ll meet your needs or satisfy your children without first having laid your hands on it. However, regardless of the amount of shopping you do, or the hours of leg-work that you commit to this investment, you will not find a better price on a quality bed like the University Loft Graduate Series extra long senior crew loft from CSN’s on-line store.

Further, with the free shipping on all University Loft bed products, coupled with the no-hassle returns policy, you can have the peace of mind that the bed you see on the website will fully meet your expectations, or you’ll be able to easily return it and find one that does.

The University Loft extra long senior crew loft is the ideal bedding solution for anyone looking to maximize floor space; it provides your children with a well built bed and still leaves them plenty of room to play. It features the soft, natural finish and warm tones that all the beds of the Graduate series have, as well as being built with high quality, environmentally-friendly hardwood. While many parents may be lured by cheaper metal bunk beds, for safety, reliability, and durability, there simply isn’t a better choice than the University Loft extra long senior crew loft.

The Benefits of Shopping Online

When shopping for new sleeping solutions for your children’s bedroom, it’s important to not only take the time to explore the various options on the market, but to get your children’s input into the process as well. Even if your children are young, in order for them to be comfortable with the purchase and feel excited about a new bed, it’s crucial to involve them in the decision.

But have you ever tried taking your children from store-to-store in hopes of getting their input into a bed purchase? If you have, you know that it’s probably something you never want to do again, but be rest assured that there are other ways of involving your children in the process of choosing a bed that are much less stressful.

There are several benefits to visiting quality online sites such as CSN; not only can you explore even the most intricate detail of the bed without leaving the comfort of your own home, but you have the option of reading reviews and other customer reactions to the bed in question. You’ll find not only the specifications on the Graduate series extra long senior crew loft, but you’ll find details on many other quality beds from University Loft as well.

With its compact, modular design—dimensions of each twin size bed are 34.5” H x 41.25” W x 3” D—and easy tool-less assembly system—with everything included for a simple two person operation—the University Loft Graduate series extra long senior crew loft is quite honestly one of the best bedding solutions available for a room with two children. It not only provides a safe and secure bed, but still allows you to retain plenty of extra room for your kids to play. Click here to find out more about this and other quality bed solutions from University Loft.

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