Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft with Full Size Third Bed: The Biggest Little Bed On The Market

Graduate Series Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft Full Size Third Bed

One of the most difficult tasks for parent’s with several children is to find appropriate bedding options that not only sleep the children comfortably and safely, but can do that while still allowing ample room for furniture and play space. This difficulty is often compounded by the fact that having several children sharing the same room often leaves them without a space of their own. But if you find yourself in this sort of situation, University Loft has the bed for you.

Quite simply, in the world of bunk and loft beds, there is almost nothing else that offers the same sleeping options, the customizable space-saving design, and the soft natural finish that you will find with the Graduate series extra long tripe lindy loft with full size third bed. The ingenious L-shape layout allows for three to sleep comfortably, yet its compact design will still leave plenty of space in the room for other furniture.

While the two loft beds are sure to provide your children with great sleeps and plenty of adventure, the full bed below makes the extra long triple lindy loft the ideal solution for triplets, siblings, company, family, friends, or even sleepovers. Many loft and bunk beds often sacrifice comfort in an effort to save space, but with University Loft, this loft with a full size third bed sacrifices nothing, providing you with a sturdy, well-crafted bed guaranteed to optimize the space in any room and still allow for enough space to sleep up to three people.

It’s Affordable and Customizable!

Although some may look at the price of this bed and scoff at the notion of it being called affordable, consider the alternative. If you need to find space to sleep three children comfortably, without this sort of bed design you will most likely need to purchase standalone beds, not to mention three pricey box springs. Next, you’ll need to find the space to situate the three beds, and while you may have a room big enough to fit the beds, you most likely will no longer have enough room for three desks, three drawers, or any floor space to move around on.

The benefit of an extra long triple lindy loft is not only that it will sleep all three children comfortably, but that it replaces the need for box springs as well; this, coupled with its unique design that allows you to easily incorporate desks and drawers into the bed layout itself, means that you won’t find a better triple bed on the market. While the desks are not included with the bed, the bed has been specifically manufactured to seamlessly incorporate other key pieces of bedroom furniture in the Graduate series available from University Loft. Just consider what you’ll save in terms of additional bedding supplies and square-footage in your home and you’ll find, as I have, that this bed is truly an affordable option.

While many beds may boast the addition of a trundle bed as way of sleeping three children comfortably, there are few beds on the market that even come close to the comfort and design provided by the Graduate series extra long tripe lindy loft with full size third bed. With its surprisingly small footprint in a room—dimensions of each individual twin size bed end: 34.5” H x 41.25” W x 3” D—you simply won’t find a bed that incorporates all your children’s living needs into such a small space, while still leaving them with plenty of room and you with plenty of cash. Click here to find out more about this remarkable bed and other products from University Loft.

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