Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft, Twin Size Third Bed: Your Space-Saving Solution!

MP10000533945_P255045_500X500In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to find affordable, quality products that meet the needs of your family and still suit your home décor. If you’re in the market for a bunk bed, however, as a means of saving space for your children, the Graduate Series extra long triple Lindy Loft with a Twin size third bed is the affordable answer. It is a unique marriage of stylish design and functional simplicity, offering you and your children an economical space-saving solution that you can all be proud of.

While there are many bed options available on the market today, none can match University Loft’s commitment to producing beds made with superior craftsmanship that utilize top quality sturdy materials. This three-bed design provides an ideal sleeping arrangement for three young children, or space for guests to sleep during family get-togethers, or an extra bed for your children’s sleepover parties.

Further, the functional design of the Graduate series Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft allows you to incorporate dressers, desks, shelves, and other storage options into the setup, providing you and your children the option of full customization to meet your family’s storage and sleeping needs. There simply isn’t a better multi-bed setup on the market.

Bunk Beds Offer Endless Adventure Possibilities

Not only does the University Loft Graduate series Extra Long Triple Lindy loft meet your needs for space optimization and room design, but it will certainly provide your children with both good sleeps and the endless possibilities for adventure. The simple fact is: bunk beds are fun, and they provide a place in which your children’s imaginations can run wild.

As a child, my siblings and I used to congregate every Saturday morning in my brothers’ room, where we transformed their bunk bed into a place where any number of great adventures would take place. One week we would be floating on a pirate ship, with sailors on the top bunk looking out for other ships to capture, and the next week we would defending our bunk bed fort from oncoming marauders; the possibilities were simply endless.

But not to worry! Once the fun is over and the clean up begins, the University Loft Graduate series Extra Long Triple Lindy loft provides ample space for storage, offering a place for anything and everything that your children will need to embark on the wondrous adventures of the imagination.

With its sleek and compact dimension– 34.5” H x 41.25” W x 3” D—the Graduate series Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft with Twin Size Third Bed is the perfect solution for any family on a tight budget looking for space saving options, and with its sturdy and durable design, it will easily endure anything your children can throw at it.

Click here to learn more about University Loft’s commitment to producing the best bunk beds on the market, as well as their sustainable, environmentally friendly harvesting and manufacturing process.

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