Full Captain’s Bed with Drawers, Cabinet And Stairs Provides the Storage You Need!

Berg Sierra Full Captain's Bed with Drawers, Cabinet And Stairs

Recently I received a comment on one of my product reviews asking me if I knew of a bed that was built soundly, that was affordable, and, most of all, that provided a great deal of storage space. The woman writing was put off by many of the over-the-top bells and whistles that she’d seen included in other beds, and was looking for something that was designed with maximum functionality in mind yet still retained a sense of style and class.

While several beds immediately came to mind to help her meet her needs, I stumbled across a bed that, quite simply, has few rivals when it comes to providing a large sleeping space and ample storage, the Berg Sierra full Captain’s bed with drawers, cabinet and stairs. With its innovative design, this Captain’s bed lofted sleeping surface is considerably lower than other beds of a similar style, making it perfect for kids who may feel apprehensive about sleeping so high above the ground. Further, with the inclusion of Berg’s patented in-step drawers system, not only will the stairs keep your children safe as they come and go, it provides the same amount of storage that you’d find in a full chest of drawers.

While many of Berg’s bed designs stop there when it comes to storage, the full Captain’s bed with drawers, cabinet and stairs keeps right on going. Its under-bed cabinet, additional drawers, and book shelf slots are perfect for storing not only the necessities, but provide ample space for all your kids special treasures as well. Upon discovering this bed, I immediately responded to the woman’s comment, letting her know that there was indeed a bed out there that was made with storage in mind, and as she just let me know, her and her son have never been happier with a bedding purchase.

Perfect For Boys and Girls Alike!

There are times when loft and bunk bed advertising will try to market a particular bed to a specific demographic. If you’ve glanced at the promotional picture for the Berg Sierra full Captain’s bed, you’ll immediately notice the sports design, the dark wood finish, and the other particulars that advertisers use to market this bed to boys. While there is no doubt that this bed is a superb space-saving option for any boys room, the fantastic thing about beds made by Berg is that their versatile color palette available for all their products.

This means that with the five standard finishes available for this Captain’s bed, you’ll be sure to find the color that fits seamlessly into any bedroom design or layout that you can imagine. Instead of a rich brown finish with a basketball, as seen in the picture, you could just as easily order a white finish that will perfectly compliment any room your daughter might imagine. Quite simply, whatever the interests of your kids are, if you’re looking for an investment in a bed that optimizes space and provides functional storage spaces, the Berg Sierra full Captain’s bed with drawers, cabinet and stairs is sure to please your entire family.

If you’re in the market for a compact, space-saving bed that provides ample storage, look no further than the Berg Sierra full Captain’s bed. Click here to find out more.

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