Full Over Twin Captain’s Bed For Two: Where Safety Meets Style

Berg Sierra Full Over Twin Captain's Bed For Two

Berg Sierra Full Over Twin Captain's Bed For Two

Here at EverydayBunkBeds.com we’ve discussed at length the space saving options that are available with modern bunk and loft beds. With innovative and revolutionary designs, beds are now able to sleep two or three children comfortably in a relatively small space like the Berg Sierra full over twin Captain’s Bed for two , allowing you to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom. But while space saving is important, for some it’s clearly not the foremost concern on their minds.

For many parents, when searching sleeping solutions for several young children the primary concern is safety. While the contemporary space saving designs of bunk and loft beds may provide enough room to sleep two children comfortably, having one of the children sleeping several feet off the floor can be disconcerting for some. While modern bunk and loft beds are designed with safety in mind, there are options like the Berg Sierra full over twin Captain bed for two, that still retain the necessary space saving properties, yet allow you to have some peace of mind by lowering the overall height.

By taking not only length and width into consideration, but height as well, the Berg Sierra full over twin Captain’s bed is the perfect solution for parents worried about their kids struggling to get down from a taller bed. Further, with the elimination of a sometimes awkward ladder or stairs, there will be no chance of late night mishaps on the way to the bathroom.

Full Over Twin Is Unique Among Beds

There are many beds on the market that show the same consideration for height concerns that you’ll find here, but what sets this bed apart from others is the fact that it’s a full over twin Captain’s bed for two. Few full sized loft or bunk beds, let alone half-height bunks such as this, ever place a full sized bed over a smaller twin, but doing so only adds to this bed’s amazing versatility.

This means that in addition to safety concerns, if you need to find a bed that sleeps two children of different ages or sizes, the innovative design of this full over twin Captain’s bed for two provides you with a full sized bed for an older child, and a smaller twin nestled underneath for someone smaller. Further, the design is also perfect for one child, allowing them to sleep in the larger full bed while retaining the low profile twin bed as an option for guests and sleepovers.

So if you find yourself on a tight budget, but still want safe and stylish furniture that maximizes the limited space in your kid’s bedroom, the Berg Sierra full over twin Captain bed for two is the answer. Its compact design and lowered overall height allows those with even the smallest spaces available to comfortably sleep two people, and its bed layout is sure to provide your kids with safe and secure sleeps, and you with much needed peace of mind.

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