Ginger Full Over Full Bunk Bed in Cherry: Bringing The Outside, Inside.

Night & Day Ginger Full Over Full Bunk Bed in Cherry

If you’re like me, there’s nothing quite as awe-inspiring and breathtaking than being out amongst the natural world. There’s something profoundly calming about escaping the big city, finding a quiet hiking trail, and slowing the pace of life down to what it should be. Furthermore, I often find that I’m attracted to pieces of furniture that embody this sense of closeness to nature, which is probably why I just can’t stop talking about the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed in cherry.

One of the distinct benefits of a cherry finish is the versatility it offers you when it comes to room designs and color patterns. For you see, while some people prefer light finishes and others are attracted to the dark browns and rich merlots, the Night & Day full over full bunk bed in cherry is the perfect balance between light and dark. Its sophisticated finish gives you the best of both worlds, as its dark enough to hide any miniscule surface scuffs and still light enough to still be able to brighten any room.

As with all Night & Day bunk beds, this unit is made up of durable hardwood and finished with a sophisticated modern cherry finish. The stain is designed to resist moisture absorption and is scratch resistant; meaning that this full over full bunk bed will offer you unmatched durability, while its full-sized beds provide you with sleeping spaces designed to accommodate anyone from toddlers to adults. So if you’re in the market for a bed that offers you that feeling of connectedness to nature, one that offers a much sought-after cherry finish, and one that is guaranteed to last, then you want the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed.

Not Just A Natural Finish

Far too often in our consumer culture people analyze products only on their functional merits, that is, how will those products perform and meet our individual needs. Of course, while this is an integral part of being a critical thinking consumer, far too often people’s thought processes end there. What they fail to realize is that beyond the mere functionality of a product, it’s important to understand how that product was made, and what sorts of components it was made with. Just imagine how you would feel if you discovered that your favorite clothing brand employed children in sweat shops in some small third world country? The point being, it’s vitally important to know where your products come from and how their production impacts others, and how it impacts the environment.

With that said, as with all products from Night & Day, this cherry full over full bunk bed is made with your family’s needs and Mother Nature’s needs in mind. Utilizing only sustainably harvested planation-grown wood, you can be rest assured that Night & Day cares about the environment as much as you do.

So if you’re looking for a versatile bed, one who’s unmatched durability means that it will outlast your family’s need for it, and one that takes into consideration its impact on the Earth, look no further than the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed in cherry.

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