Ginger Full Over Full Bunk Bed in Dark Chocolate: The Grown Up Bed!

While it’s often said that bunk beds are made specifically for kids, this isn’t always true. Take for example the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed in chocolate, a unit that incorporates a full-sized bed on both the bottom and the top bunk. By seamlessly integrating the design of a bunk bed with that of regular full-sized bed, furniture manufacturers are able to produce a full over full bunk bed that is able to sleep people of all sizes and shapes, from toddlers to adults.

Night & Day Ginger Full Over Full Bunk Bed in Dark Chocolate

But beyond the added comfort and space offered by units like the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed, there are several other advantages to a bed like this as well. First, despite their larger size, full over full beds are designed to optimize the space in even the smallest of bedrooms. Not only do you get two large beds that only occupy the floor space of one, but if you’re looking for beds for young children, you can actually sleep four children comfortably! Further, by adding the optional trundle bed, a full over full bunk bed suddenly becomes the comfortable sleeping solution for up to five children, perfect for sleepovers and other guests. 

Second, whether you choose to add the optional feature of integrated under-bed storage, most full over full beds offer ample space underneath the bottom bunk, providing a perfect place to organize and store many of the things that would otherwise take up extra space in the room. What this means is that beyond providing you with a space-saving bed, the Night & Day full over full bunk bed in dark chocolate is able to play double duty, serving as a full chest of drawers as well.

The Best Bed Design

Having reviewed bunk beds of all shapes, designs, and colors, there are few that I recommend as strongly as the Night & Day full over full bunk bed in dark chocolate. Not only does it provide ample sleeping area while still maximally optimizing the space in your bedroom, its versatility is virtually unmatched. This bed is perfect for guest rooms that only get occasional use, its perfect for the summer cabin, its perfect for your college dorm; simply put, if you can think of a situation where a bunk bed might be used, a full over full bunk bed is the answer.

As with all Night & Day bunk beds, this unit is constructed with sustainably harvested plantation wood, and with its sophisticated dark chocolate finish, this bed offers a distinctly grownup feel. But even if you’re looking for a bed for your young children, the Night & Day Ginger full over full bunk bed in chocolate is the answer. Even if you’re not comfortable sleeping one child on the top bunk, the bottom bunk or the optional trundle provides ample space to sleep your children together until they’re old enough to be separated.

Quite simply, there are few other beds that offer the same versatility and durability as a full over full bunk bed. It’s the right choice for your family!

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