Ginger Twin Over Full Bunk Bed in Natural: Better Than Metal

In recent years metal bunk beds have been making a significant comeback in the bedroom furniture market as more and more people are choosing metal frames over the traditional wood frames. While I will be honest and say that metal bed frames have significantly advanced beyond the rickety, unstable, and unsafe choice that they used to be, in my mind, no amount of technological advances will ever produce a metal bed that I like more than a wood one like the Night & Day Ginger twin over full bunk bed in natural finish.

Night & Day Ginger Twin Over Full Bunk Bed in Natural Set

While the renewed popularity of metal beds has led many furniture and design specialists across both North American and Europe to begin recommending metal beds for those that want a different style for their bedrooms and for those that want to save money, metal beds simply don’t provide the same natural beauty and sublime sense of sophistication that one gets with a bed like the Night & Day twin over full bunk bed. With its high quality wood construction, its soft natural finish, and the fact that it’s made with the same care and precision of all Night & Day bunk beds means that in comparison a metal framed bed would have to softly sing me to sleep before I would recommend it over a wood framed bed.

For many, one of the key reasons why metal beds simply aren’t on par with their wooden counterparts is the matter of aesthetics and beauty. While it’s true that metal beds can be easily formed into a variety of shapes and designs, more so than wooden frames can, the fact that the metal seems cold and lifeless has long deterred people from purchasing those sorts of beds. So if you’re looking for a bed that is comfortable being the focal point of any room, consider the warm inviting tones of the Night & Day Ginger twin over full bunk bed in natural finish.

The Natural Choice

Okay, so you’ve been to the local bunk bed retailer and the furniture salesperson regaled you with tales of the versatility and easy maintenance of a metal framed bed. You’ve heard how wooden bunk beds are hard to take care of, how they don’t allow you to alter the style of a room, and how easy it is to change the color of a metal bed. Now I’m telling you, don’t believe them, those things aren’t true.

With this twin over full bunk bed, its natural tones blend seamlessly with any room design scheme, color, or style, offering you the versatility that you’re looking for in a product designed to last through the various seasons of your children’s lives. Further, with its scratch resistant surface and the fact that wood frames generally last considerably longer than metal frames, if you do ever need to clean or maintain the bed frame, it won’t take any more than a damp cloth to do so.

The fact is, metal bunk beds may be on the rise, but don’t be fooled by the draw of a lower price tag or the sales pitch of a clever retailer. If you’re looking for a bed that is designed to optimize the space in any bedroom—overall  dimensions: 67.5″ H x 58.75″ W x 83.12″ D—one that is built with sturdy components, and one sports a soft natural hue, consider the Night & Day Ginger twin over full bunk bed in natural finish. Just try and find a metal bed that looks like this!

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