The Hampton Bunk Bed: Elegant Simplicity is Here

Tradewins The Hampton Bunk Bed

For many, the challenge of finding the right bed is compounded by the fact that the bed has to match pre-existing bedroom designs or décor. This makes it incredibly difficult when matching finishes, designs, patterns, and of course unit layout when the bed itself has to meet a long list of requirements. But if you find yourself searching for that perfect bed, one in which you’ll find unparalleled functionality and versatility, and one that employs a color scheme that is sure to match any room, consider the Tradewins the Hampton bunk bed.

With its wide variety of pieces and configuration options, the Hampton bunk bed allows you to create the functional environment that its ideally suited to your family’s needs. With a veritable unending list of additional features in this set, if you don’t have a bedroom design in mind, you’ll have no trouble creating one with Tradewins Hampton bunk bed and other innovative and stylish bedroom furniture products.

Further, one of the key concerns of many families when purchasing bunk beds is the color. While soft, natural wood tones are nice for some; earthy shades of brown sometimes don’t flow so well with what you have in mind for your kid’s bedroom. With this bed’s elegant and stylish white finish, be rest assured that this bed will mesh seamlessly with whatever color and design scheme—from princesses to pirates—that you and your kids can think of.

A Company Dedicated To Creating The Perfect Bedroom

There are few companies in the furniture market today that consistently produce furniture sporting the quality and affordability of products like the Hampton bunk bed from Tradewins. As a company, Tradewins furniture is dedicated to giving your children the absolutely best bedroom possible, while making sure that you don’t have to break the bank to get it. As with all their furniture, the Hampton bunk bed combines quality materials, like sturdy New Zealand pine, and elegant craftsmanship, like the unique slatted arches, while still offering you the practical, functional bed design that you’re looking for.

What this means is that, quite simply, Tradewins is focused on giving you children’s bedroom furniture that is safe, attractive, and that can withstand all that your children can throw at it. Further, with many additional accessories available in Tradewins Hampton bunk bed series, you’ll find all you need to create the ideal room for your kids that will last them for years to come; and when their tastes change, the sterling white finish is versatile enough to mesh with whatever they’re into next year as well.

With pieces like the Tradewins the Hampton bunk bed you’ll find the embodiment of the company’s motto: affordable elegance. With its stylish white finish, its space-saving design—overall dimensions: 74″ H x 44″ W x 82″ D—and its classic and customizable layout you won’t find another bed on the market that has sports the same level of versatility and functionality. To find out more about this and other products from Tradewins, click here.

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