Kids Headquarters Full Size Lofted Entertainment Center: Making Your Kids Dreams Come True!

Berg Kids Headquarters Full Size Lofted Entertainment Center

If you’re in the market for a top of the line bed for your child, you’ll be amazed at how far bunk and loft beds have advanced since you were young. No longer is a bed just a bed; in addition to a place to lay your head, loft bed units now incorporate desks, couches, and even entertainment centers underneath the vaulted sleeping surface.

Quite simply, beds do so much more than just provide a place to sleep that you don’t even call them beds any more; you called them a Berg Kids Headquarters full sized loft entertainment center with hanging shelf and bookshelf. While the name may be hard to remember, you’ll never forget the unrivalled innovation and design that you’ll find with this loft unit.

While many may find that this extravagant Berg Kids Headquarter Set goes above and beyond what they would expect in a full loft bedding unit, it is sure to please kids of all ages. With the addition of bookshelves and extra shelving space, the ample space underneath the lofted sleeping surface provides a perfect reading nook, a place to relax, and if you’re willing, a place for your kids to watch a TV of their own. Quite simply, this entertainment center with hanging shelf and bookshelf will meet all your child’s needs.

Berg Has Thought of Everything!

It is rare in the world of bed designs were you can confidently say that a manufacturer has thought of everything, but such is the case with Berg and their Full Size Lofted Entertainment Center with Hanging Shelf and Bookshelf. Within this unit you’ll find enough storage to replace a full chest of drawers, an ample sized incorporated bookshelf that will provide enough space for your child’s favorite books, and even extra shelf space for their special treasures as well.

Even with all that, Berg Furniture never forgets its commitment to providing you and your family with the best sleeping experience possible, and with a full sized loft bed and Berg’s unique staircase access, you can be confident that this sturdy and well-built unit will be source of many pleasant dreams for you and your child alike.

As with all loft and bunk beds, if you’re desperate to the make the most of limited space within your child’s bedroom, units that incorporate spaces for sleeping and for living are a must. They provide unique and innovative solutions to optimize even the smallest spaces; and even though all your bedroom needs are included in this unit, with a relatively minuscule footprint—dimensions 73″ H x 98″ W x 57″ D—you’ll still have space left over for anything else you can think of.

So if you’re looking to make your child’s dreams come true, even if bedroom space is at a premium, consider the Berg Kids Headquarters full sized loft entertainment center with hanging shelf and bookshelf, it’s a bed that children of all ages are sure to love. Click here to find out more about this amazing entertainment/sleeping unit and other unique products from Berg Furniture.

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