Mission Merlot Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft: It’s Not The Bunk Bed You Remember!

#Forget what you thought you knew about bunk beds; the unsightly monstrosities of your youth are long gone, replaced by modern, stylish, and elegant looking creations that are simultaneously atheistically pleasing and functionally usable. There is no better or more efficient way to optimize the limited space in your children’s bedroom then by utilizing a bunk bed and one of the very best options is the University Loft Mission Merlot extra long Triple Lindy Loft.

For years University Loft has been producing bunk beds of the highest quality, and their Mission Merlot collection seamlessly integrates style and functionality into a space saving package that will leave your children excited, and you thoroughly impressed. This new style of loft inspired bunk beds is designed primarily to save space, look good, and to provide a safe and comfortable sleep for your children or guests.

University Loft Mission Merlot Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft

University Loft Mission Merlot Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft

So if you have limited space to work with, but still want a bed that brings a sense of style and class to the room, the Mission Merlot extra long Triple Lindy Loft is the perfect choice. Made with sturdy, high quality wood frames, this bed will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment, and offer you the peace of mind that your investment is well spent.

Safety And Environment: University Loft Has You Covered

While University Loft is committed to designing and creating bunk beds that maximize space and dazzle the eye, they are also committed to providing safety for your children. Gone are the traditionally unsafe bunk bed concepts of old, which often saw two beds stacked on top of each other with no bedrail and only a rickety ladder to reach the top bunk. The University Loft Triple Lindy Loft offers several safety features, including a sturdy railing system designed to prevent your kids from falling from the top bunk, and a wide, well-built ladder that will minimize slips and falls.

In today’s culture, however, there is also a concern for how the products we purchase impact the environment around us. For those that are not only concerned with safety, but want to know how this bed impacts Mother Earth, be rest assured that University Loft is committed to a sustainable manufacturing process that works only with easily renewable Hevea Brasiliensis, also known as Environmentally Farmed Timber (EFT). With a dedication to preserving the Earth’s natural resources and a concern for your family’s well-being, the University Loft Triple Lindy Loft is clearly a leader in both safety and renewable practices.

Customers should be aware that while this bed has compact dimensions, each individual bed end is 34.5″ H x 43.25″ W x 3.5″ D, the entire bed is quite heavy, as the high quality wood frame weighs in at 410lbs. Don’t worry though, this bed can still be assembled easily with two people and the tools provided in the package.

So if you’re looking to optimize space, provide your children a safe and secure place to sleep, and want it to look good and be manufactured in an environmentally sound fashion, there is simply no other choice than the University Loft Mission Merlot Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft. Click here to learn more about this and other sturdy, space-saving solutions from University Loft.

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