The Mission White Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: The Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Bed

University Loft Mission White Extra Long Senior Crew Loft

Across North America there is a growing awareness of how people’s daily actions—what they consume, what they discard, what kind of car they drive, or what kind of bed they purchase—impact the environment. There is a serious concern among researchers that people, especially in the developed countries like America, the UK, or Canada, are doing irreparable damage to the sensitive environmental balance of the planet. In response, many people are turning to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, known as green living that focuses on waste reduction and purchasing products created in a sustainable fashion.

If you find yourself looking to optimize the limited space in your home, yet you want to uphold a concern for how your purchases will impact the natural world around you, be rest assured that the University Loft Mission white extra long senior crew loft and other products by University Loft are created with the health and vitality of the Earth in mind.

On an individual level, green living can often be as simple as undertaking a recycling program to reduce waste or conserving energy consumption by turning off the lights in your home. But green living also requires consumers to think about the products they are purchasing, and University Loft is committed to preserving the Earth’s natural resources by manufacturing beds like the Mission white extra long senior crew loft with environmentally farmed timber. With a corporate philosophy dedicated to always learning, always innovating, always improving . . . our environment, our products, and our service, you can be assured that they are committed to preserving natural resources, and if you feel the same way you’ve come to the right place.

The Green Choice For The Budget Conscious Consumer

While some environmentally conscious people are turning to carpenters to create a unique and personalized bed for their needs made with reclaimed wood, this process is time consuming and incredibly expensive. If you need to stick to a budget, yet still want to work to save the planet, the University Loft Senior Crew Loft is the answer.

For many companies, a dedication to green living is sometimes an expensive and arduous process, and the financial burden is most often passed on to the consumer. But for University Loft, they have always been committed to providing their customers with sturdy, well-built products while simultaneously employing sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. This dedication to Mother Earth is not something that University Loft takes lightly, and they continue to work towards providing bedding solutions that everyone can feel good about.

So if you’re looking for space-saving options for your home that don’t break the bank or the Earth, the University Loft Mission white extra long senior crew loft is a bed that you can feel confident about. Not only is it sturdy enough to last for years, its sophisticated design will blend seamlessly with any room design you can think of.

Further, with its compact dimensions—each individual bed end: 34.5″ H x 43.25″ W x 3.5″ D—and its easy assembly, we are certain that this bed will meet your needs. Saving the environment does not have a difficult process, and it most certainly does not mean that you have to settle for disappointingly inferior or overly expensive products. There is no need for hesitation; with a product track record this strong and a concern for sustainably green living manufacturing you can purchase a University Loft product with absolute confidence. Click here to find out more about this bed, the University Loft sustainable manufacturing process, or any other University Loft bunk bed products.

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