Mountain River Spindle Bunk Bed with Optional Drawers: The Best of Both Worlds

Mountain River Spindle Bunk Bed with Optional Drawers

Recently we’ve been talking quite a bit about the debate between the classic, affordable bunk bed design and the more elaborate, modular designs of higher-end loft and bunk beds. If you find yourself caught in the middle of this conversation, perhaps the Tradewins Mountain River spindle bunk bed with optional under bunk drawers set can help.

You see, if you’re debating whether to invest considerable resources in an all-inclusive modern bedding unit or to reign in your spending and purchase a more traditional style bunk bed, the Mountain River spindle bunk bed is the answer. While there are many bunk beds out there, there are few in my experience that can be deemed the best of both worlds.

With its elegantly crafted spindled arches, its magnificent amber finish, and its solid New Zealand pine construction, this bed has features that put it in a design class far above its price tag, and with the addition of ample under-bed storage—or the option of an added trundle bed—this bed also contains the storage and safety features you might think were only available on a bed that is hundreds of dollars more. Simply put, this bed is the best of both worlds.

Traditional Can Be Beautiful

For many, hearing the words ‘traditional’ or ‘classic’ is enough to make them cringe. When speaking of beds, these words often evoke memories of clunky, unsightly monstrosities that, while certainly well-built and functional, are unsafe and unappealing. But if you’re looking for a bed that simultaneously embodies this sense of traditional functionality and modern aesthetic beauty, the Tradewins Mountain River spindle bunk bed is the bed for you.

While many may give this bed only a passing glance in their search for the perfect bedroom solutions for their children, this deceptively simple bed is worth so much more attention. Quite frankly, coming from a man who’s seen more bunk beds than he can conveniently count, this bed stands out.

Created with a distinctive sense of care and attention, this bed looks like it’s been hand-crafted just for you, and the fact that you’re still able to have input into its customizable features and accessories means that, for this price, you won’t find a better bed.Both you and I know that there are more beds here than anyone can conveniently consider, but for those that want the best at an incredibly low price none out class the Mountain River spindle bunk bed.

So if you’re looking for a bed that is affordable yet doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of traditional design or modern beauty, consider purchasing the Tradewins Mountain River spindle bunk bed with optional under bunk drawers. Its versatile set-up, its relatively small footprint—overall  bunk bed dimensions: 73″ H x 43″ W x 81″ D—and its storage/trundle customization options means that not only does this best straddle the best of both the traditional and modern bunk bed worlds, but these features mean that this bed is in a class all by itself. Click here to find out more about this and other top quality bedroom products from Tradewins.

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