The Night and Day Difference of the Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Medium Oak Set

Night And Day Cinnamon Twin Bunk Bed in Medium Oak Set

In the late 1990’s a furniture company was founded on a single premise: to manufacture straightforward and easy-to-use futons. The problem, Night & Day founder Mike Gallawa noted, was that futons, despite their ingenious simplicity, were quite difficult to use. What he found was that the process of converting the bed into a couch was overly laborious, and the assembly of such a piece of furniture often required an advanced carpentry degree. The answer was to create a company that solved these ever-present problems, and since that time Night & Day has expanded its focus to include both loft and bunk beds, producing quality bedding units like the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed.

While I will admit that this bed is anything but overwhelming, I often find that the best beds are the ones that are constructed in a simple, straightforward manner, without all the bells and whistles of the more involved—and not to mention expensive—bunk beds. It doesn’t take an interior designer to recognize that a bed is the most obvious focal point of any bedroom, and what better bed to fill that role than this beautifully simple twin bunk bed in oak.

With its solid wood construction, ease of assembly, and ample integrated under-bed storage, while this bed may not sport features like desks, stairs, or a slide, the fact that it is guaranteed to provide your children will years of excellent sleeps means that this cinnamon twin bunk bed in medium oak set, in actual fact, has everything you need in a top of the line bunk bed. 

Straightforward Simplicity

Simply put, there are just too many bunk beds out there. While I’m a firm believer that competition breeds continual innovation, which in turn produces higher quality products for end users like you and I, with the advent of online marketing it now seems that just about anyone can produce, market, and sell furniture. The unfortunate downside of this explosion of online furniture retailers is that often times customers never really know what they’re getting. On the positive side, however, this same explosion has brought to light many industrious and innovative furniture makers, providing broad customer access to what were once only locally known companies. So while there are simply too many furniture companies out there, when you do happen to stumble across one of the good ones, like Night & Day and its well-crafted twin bunk bed, you don’t soon forget.

It’s always refreshing to discover a company whose focus is not simply on making money, but on actually manufacturing quality products that meet the real needs of customers the world over. So if you’re looking for a straightforward, traditionally designed and well-built bunk bed that still sports ample integrated storage and a space-saving design—overall dimensions: 67.87″ H x 41.37″ W x 79.87″ D—look no further than the Night & Day Cinnamon twin bunk bed.

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