Nurseryworks Duet Bunk Bed: For the Postmodern Generation

Nurseryworks Duet Bunk Bed

In contemporary architecture there are two primary styles competing with one another, one called the modern style, and the other the postmodern style. As the words themselves convey, the modern style is the older of the two, with the postmodern style developing as a critical response to the way things used to be. The modern style of architecture founded itself on the principles of simplicity and function, creating buildings that would seamlessly integrate form, how a building looked, and functionality—what the building would be used for. But such design concerns are not always exclusive to architecture, as evidenced by the contemporary design of the Nurseryworks Duet bunk bed.

But if the sleek lines, relative simplicity, or modern European design of this bed give you pause, it is exactly these features that make it the idyllic postmodern bunk bed. In architecture, the postmodern design movement considered itself to be in direct competition with the Modernists, whose simplistic designs were considered lifeless and formulaic, and whose architects were thought to live in a utopian fantasy land, always pushing towards unattainable perfection. Instead, postmodern architects realized the value in simplicity, but also the value in doing things differently, bucking the popular trends and exploring different ways of doing things.

It is in this way that this deceptively simple duet bunk bed embodies these postmodern design trends. While its seamless marriage of form and function may strike the observer as being bland or sterile, the fact that this bed stands uniquely apart from the rest of the formulaic bunk bed market means that if you’re looking for a bed that conveys this unique postmodern sense of style and class, look no further than this duet bed from Nurseryworks.

Attention to Detail

At first glance, there is nothing particularly fancy about this bed. While its design is clearly unique, does it offer the basics that anyone looking to purchase a bunk bed is looking for? The answer, absolutely! Nurseryworks is known worldwide for its ability to develop children’s furniture that retains a distinct sense of modern class without sacrificing the functionality that you’ve come to expect from modern bunk beds.

With its ample integrated storage and the choice of extra under-bed storage or a trundle bed, should you require one, there are few beds on the market that are able to provide customers with a space-saving design—overall dimensions: 69″ H x 42″ W x 89.75″ L—and the sense of simplistic beauty that this bed does. Further, if you have an eye for creative and unique products, there are few others on the market that buck the modern bunk design trends like the duet bunk bed from Nurseryworks.

So if you’re looking for functional furniture for your children’s bedroom, but desire pieces that match your sophisticated and modern sense of style, look no further than the Nurseryworks Duet bunk bed, a uniquely designed bed that is the perfect marriage of form and function. Click here to find out more about this and other innovative products from Nurseryworks.

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