The Sacramento Full/Full Bunk Bed in Black: A Rare Find

Wildon Home Sacramento Full/Full Bunk Bed in Black

Of the various types of kid’s bunk beds available in today’s market, the basic twin over twin bed is by far the most common. The traditional setup of this bed is simply two beds, one mounted over the other; and while beds like this are sure to meet your kids basic needs, you’ll often find that your kids grow out of them quickly. With this in mind, it’s a veritable breathe of fresh air when something like the Wildon Home Sacramento full/full bunk bed in black comes along.

You see, while the traditional bed-over-bed style is by far the best way to save space in the room, the Sacramento full/full bunk bed provides you with two beds large enough to sleep adults, meaning that this bed is sure to last throughout all the seasons of your children’s lives. As many customers can attest to, this easy to assemble bed is perfect for children of all ages, and sturdy enough to last until the day when you have little grandkids that need a place to lay their heads.

So while bunk beds are a dime a dozen in today’s furniture market, the Wildon Home full/full bunk bed in black is a rare find; a bed that blends together the traditional bunk bed style with a modern, metal construction. Further, with its stylish black finish, this bed is sure to fit into almost any design scheme that you and your children can think of.

Perfect for the Cabin or Guest Bedroom As Well

For beds to be worth your investment they need to be versatile, meaning that they need to be able to be used in numerous situations and meet a myriad of sleeping needs. The additional issue for beds that only get occasional use is their cost, as you don’t want to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a bed that rarely gets used. But with its incredibly affordable price, you won’t need to think twice about purchasing this Sacramento full/full bunk bed.

But perhaps you’re wondering what you’ll be getting for such a low price. In today’s market, concerns such as this are definitely warranted, as many companies will often manufacturer as inferior product simply because they can advertise the bed as an affordable option. But with its sturdy metal frame, its contemporary modular design, and the reliable name of Wildon Home behind this bed, you can be rest assured that the Wildon Home Sacramento full/full bunk bed will provide you with more than you could have imagined for such as a low price.

So if you’re looking for a quality bed solution for those occasional uses, such as a holiday cabin or your guest bedroom, the Wildon Home Sacramento full/full bunk bed in black is sure to meet your needs. With its space-saving design—overall  dimensions: 59″ H x 57″ W x 78.25″ D—this bed is guaranteed to optimize the space in even the smallest rooms, without burning a hole through your wallet. Click here to find out more about this and other Wildon Home products.

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