San Anselmo Twin/Full Bunk Bed: Your Cozy Cabin Bed

Wildon Home San Anselmo Twin/Full Bunk Bed

If you’re one of the lucky few people that has access to their own cabin, or simply someone trying to create a cabin feel in a bedroom, there are few furniture pieces that will fit as seamlessly into your vision of a perfect outdoor escape than the Wildon Home San Anselmo twin/full bunk bed. With its solid hardwood construction, its medium wood finish, and its innovative angled design, this bed is sure to give your family that feeling of escaping from the grind of everyday life, whether you’re actually in cabin or just dreaming of one.

As with all twin over full beds, the San Anselmo bunk bed is perfect for times and places when sleeping two people are different ages becomes an absolute necessity. At home, you could be faced with the challenge of sleeping two children of vastly different ages in the same room, or at the cabin where you’re faced with a bed that both adults and children may have to use; either way, the San Anselmo twin/full bunk bed can help.

Having reviewed hundreds of beds, I can honestly say that with the San Anselmo bunk bed, Wildon Home has created a product that rivals similar beds that cost hundreds of dollars more. Rarely do I see a bed made with such care and craftsmanship available for less than $500-$600 dollars, meaning that for its incredibly affordable price of $375, this bunk bed is a real steal.

Does Affordable Mean Cheap?

If you’re like me, the motivation to save as much money as possible is always tempered by the consideration of value; what am I getting for my money? I’m particularly wary of any product, whether it’s a bed, a shirt, or a car, that has  price tag that seems too good to be true, for what that usually means is that I’m wasting my money on an inferior product that will have to replaced or repaired in short order. When shopping for bunk beds, this consideration should be one you take seriously, as many beds that are marketed as affordable are often of cheap quality and shoddy workmanship. You may wonder, then, how a company like Wildon Home can make a bed such as the San Anselmo bunk bed and still manage to offer it at such an affordable price?

The answer is a result of a combination of Wildon Home’s dedication to keeping their costs down and utilizing online stores to sell their beds. What both these things mean is that Wildon Home knows that the real cost of bed is often inflated by showroom salespeople and other middle men, and when you eliminate those extra steps in the process, the price goes down.

So if you’re looking for an affordable space-saving bed option—overall dimensions: 62″ H x 59″ W x 80″ D—for your home or your cabin, consider the Wildon Home San Anselmo twin/full bunk bed. With its top notch craftsmanship, made with high quality components, you will not be disappointed with this affordable bedding option.

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