San Bernardino Full/Full Bunk Bed Set: Wildon’s Flagship Bed

Wildon Home San Bernardino Full/Full Bunk Bed Set

If you’ve investigated and reviewed as many Wildon Home products as I have, you begin to see a trend. As with most furniture manufacturers, Wildon Home designers prefer to stick to their own tried-and-true method of building beds, which has often meant beds made with more versatile and affordable metal components, as opposed to wooden components that are often times sturdier and longer-lasting.

But every once in a while a company like Wildon Home designs a bed that supercedes everything else they’ve done, a bed that blows away the company’s usual way of doing things, and a bed that deserves a long look. For me, I consider these products to be the flagship products of these companies, the pinnacle of the sorts of innovation and creativity they are capable of, and the Wildon Home San Bernardino full/full bunk bed set is clearly this popular furniture company’s flagship bed.

Not only does its design and hardwood components rival any bed that I’ve ever reviewed to date, the fact that Wildon Home is willing and able to produce a bed like the San Bernardino full/full bunk bed assures me, as it should you, that Wildon Home is clearly a major player in the bunk bed market; a trusted company that produces beds that are certainly worthy of a closer look. So if you’re been trolling your way through this site, unsure of which beds are good and which beds are bad, know that there are few beds on the market that rival the Wildon Home Bernardino full/full bunk bed set when it comes to versatility, creative design, and extra features.

What It Takes to Be A Flagship

In both the naval and aerospace worlds, the flagship is almost always the strongest, most versatile, and most respected ship of the entire fleet, meaning that when other countries or competitors would think of the strength of the fleet, it is the flagship that should first come to mind. The same principle, surprisingly enough, applies to the world of furniture manufacturing, as companies will pour resources and time into producing one or two key products, designed to utterly exceed all the expectations of both customers and competitors, and so it is for the Wildon Home Bernardino full/full bunk bed set.

With both its under-bed storage and innovative in-stair drawer system, not only is this bed big enough to sleep everyone from tots to teens, but it is sure to provide enough storage space for all their things as well. Quite simply, this bed set includes almost an entire bedroom furniture set in its relatively compact—overall bunk bed dimensions: 64″ H x 59″ W x 80″ D—space-saving design, and if there’s something that’s not included, you’re sure to have plenty of room left over to add it in.

So while there are some that will clearly find this bed out of the reach for their budget, if you’re looking to invest in a bed that will last your children until they leave home, there are few beds on the market better than the Wildon Home San Bernardino full/full bunk bed set.

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