The Seattle Twin/Twin in Cherry: A Traditional Masterpiece

Wildon Home Seattle Twin/Twin Bunk Bed in Cherry

Far too often in the bedroom furniture marketplace, purchasing something made with quality hardwood and top notch craftsmanship means that you’ll have to pay extra. For the most part, if you find a product that is incredibly affordable it’s usually too good to be true, as you’ll soon discover that it’s particle board assembly is shoddy and disappointing. But if you’re looking for a bed that won’t break the bank, yet leaves you with the feeling that it was made with care and precision, consider the Wildon Home Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in cherry.

Of all the finished available on all the beds in the world, there are few that communicate a sense of sophistication and class like a dark, cherry wood finish. For me, the deep, rich, brown hues of this Seattle twin/twin bunk bed stand out amongst the softer finishes that most beds employ. Quite simply, if you’re looking for an affordable bed that separates itself from the competition and is made with quality components, the Wildon Home twin/twin bunk bed in cherry is definitely for you.

While there’s nothing flashy or fancy about this bed, when a product is this well-made and looks this good, adding extra features would almost seem to take away from its overall appeal. Further, with its finally crafted posts, its sturdy safety features, and its secure ladder, not only does the Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in cherry dazzle the eye, but it’s sure to provide your children with the safe and sound sleeping solutions that they need as well.

Some Beds Are Too Good To Be True

While other beds on the market may provide you with more storage options, additional trundle beds or desks, extra shelving units or cozy little hidey-holes, purchasing these beds will always come at a cost. For some beds, the cost is right up front, as the price tag will be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more than what you’ll find here. For other beds, the cost you’ll pay isn’t always as obvious. For those beds, while the price may seem attractive, the quality of the craftsmanship, the bed’s durability, and/or the safety features may all turn out to be less than you would have expected.

The issue, of course, is that many furniture manufacturers subtly cut corners in exactly the areas that you would want them to dedicate significant time and effort too; that is, the overall quality of your investment and the safety it provides for your kids. The good thing, though, is that with beds like the Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in cherry, Wildon Home is consistently dedicated to providing you with both safe and affordable bedroom solutions.

So don’t be fooled, more expensive does not always translate into a better bed and affordable beds aren’t always cheaply made. If you’re looking for options for your children’s bedroom in an effort to save space—overall dimensions: 61.375″ H x 42.75″ W x 80.25″ D—and give your children the bedroom of their dreams, there are few better options that the traditional style of the Wildon Home Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in cherry; it’s a bed you’re sure to love.

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