Sierra Collection Twin over Full with Desk And Stairs: It’s Not Just Another Bed

Berg Sierra Collection Twin over Full with Desk And Stairs

There’s no question that after awhile all the bunk beds you come across in your search for the perfect bedding solution start to look the same. They all seem to be well-crafted, all sturdy and safe; they are all able to sleep two or three comfortably, and you’ve read more promises about how much your children will love them then I care to admit. While these promises aren’t hollow, the fact is that the bunk bed market is saturated with available products, which is why, of course, it gets difficult to make the right decision. In this regard my advice is simple; buy the bed that does what you need it to do.

What does this mean? Well, in the case of a bed like the Berg Sierra Collection twin over full with desk and stairs, it means that if you don’t need a desk, if you don’t have children that would benefit from stairs, if you have no need of a full-sized bed, then this probably isn’t the bed for you. If, however, you find yourself searching for solutions for how to sleep two children of different ages in the same room, this Sierra Collection twin over full may just be the perfect match.

With the bottom bed large enough to sleep adults or teenagers and the top bed accessible by a safe and secure set of stairs, if living space is at premium in your home, this bed can help. For younger children, the lofted twin provides the fun and adventure of escaping into their own little world, and for older children, the large adult-sized full bed provides the distinct feeling of being grown up.

Study As Important As Sleep

If there’s one thing Berg Furniture understands, it’s that parents want to provide the best furnishing possible for their children; creating an environment with space and style for their kids that fosters both physical and mental development. With that in mind, Berg is committed to creating not only comfortable and secure sleeping spaces, but innovative and quiet study spaces as well.

Just imagine if you could have a bed that not only provided your kids with a place to lay their head, but also a place to do their homework or corners to nestle comfortably into to read a book. If you think that no bed could do all that and still be affordable, think again; Berg Furniture continues to provide well-built bunk beds, designed to save space and dazzle the eye.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the veritable ocean of choices in the bunk bed market, if your research and leg work has turned up more questions than answers, simplify the whole process by identifying your current and future needs and work from there.

If you need to save space, if you need to sleep two children comfortably, if you’re looking for something that includes storage and study space, and safety is your utmost concern, consider the Berg Sierra Collection twin over full with desk and stairs. It’s a choice you won’t be disappointed with.

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