Sierra Collection Twin over Full Space Saver with Desk And Ladder: For Toddlers to Teens!

Sierra Collection Twin over Full Space Saver with Desk & Ladder

If you’re searching for a trusted brand in bedroom furnishings look no further than Berg Furniture. In business for over 25 years, Berg is committed to providing parents with quality, affordable bedroom products for their children, ones that will grow with them through their key developmental years. In addition to quality and affordability, Berg is committed to producing aesthetically pleasing products as well, and none more so than the Sierra Collection twin over full space saver with desk and ladder.

Like all the products in the Sierra Collection, this bed features unique modern styling and contemporary design, a versatile and customizable layout, and more storage space than you would think possible within such a compact frame. Further, with a full bed on the bottom, this space-saver is sure to comfortably sleep toddlers to teens, and everything in between.

In addition to the veritable cornucopia of sleeping options available with the Sierra Collection twin over full space saver, the fact that it also includes enough storage to match a full set of drawers and an efficient writing desk, this one piece of furniture replaces almost an entire bedroom set. So if you’re looking for a quality bed that meets all your family’s needs, consider that with all their beds, Berg is committed to giving you the most for your money.

Available in a Rainbow of Colors

With many of the beds reviewed here, one of the noticeable drawbacks is that you’re usually stuck with the one or two colors available for that particular line of beds. Although rich deep merlot or subtle elegant white finishes from other manufacturers are sure to dazzle the eye, it’s sometimes nice to have a choice in the matter, input into how you’ll be able to incorporate any bed into your existing décor. One of the significant benefits of the Sierra Collection in general, and this twin over full space saver with a desk and ladder in particular, is that you have an unprecedented five different finishes to choose from, in addition to the a multitude of complementary or secondary colors available for knobs and other accents.

It is this commitment to providing practical and functional furniture styles that offer both a unique shade and material selection that has led many people to return to Berg time and again for all their furniture needs. Over the years customers have continued to embrace Berg’s innovative concepts with the assurance that Berg always has the customer’s needs in mind; a company that has dedicated itself to providing what parents actually want for their children’s bedrooms.

While one of the overall themes of bed bunk reviews is how they are made to optimize space in even the smallest rooms, Berg is so confident that their Sierra Collection twin over full space saver with desk & ladder will outmatch any comparable bed by their competitors, they boast about in the name of the bed.

Although this may not seem to be much, it takes a particular air of confidence and assurance in the quality of the product to make a claim such as this, but with the miniscule footprint of this twin over full—dimensions: 67″ H x 84″ W x 82″ D—Berg is confident that this bed will optimize the limited space you have available, all the while providing your children with a fantastic sleeping experience. Click here to find out more about this bed and other innovative products from Berg.

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