Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain’s Bed For Two: Two-In-One Fun

Berg Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain's Bed For Two

All by itself, the Sierra Twin over Twin Captain’s Bed For Two is a stroke of genius.

Read on to find out if Sierra’s Twin over Twin Captain’s Bed is truly the right choice for your child:

Berg Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain's Bed For Two

Berg Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain's Bed For Two

The Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain’s Bed for Two is crafted from wood that is organically engineered to resist cracking, splitting, warping and scratches. The finish, available in Chestnut, Nutmeg, Brandy, Natural Maple and White, give it an elegant and stylish look, while also making it child’s play (pun intended!) to clean.

There are many brightly colored knobs that come as add-ons with this product, and your kids [with your approval of course!] can customize them to their liking. This unit is constructed with safety and utility in mind, while its metal hardware carries a life time guarantee. The bunk bed has six storage drawers, and its chest can be fixed to any side of the bed depending on the room arrangement and space requirements.

The entire unit is functional, and can even be converted into two beds. A bunk bed like this makes it easier to accommodate one or two friends for sleepovers. You can be rest assured that your child will thank you for purchasing this bed for him/her!

Children need a place to express their creativity, and a cluttered room does nothing for their blossoming minds. With Berg’s multifunctional bunk beds with storage and even workspace units, you can create that much needed space for them, while also catering to your kid’s need for fun and frolic. These bunk beds are all about functionality, but who said all things utilitarian are boring?

As children grow, their requirements change and so do their storage spaces. You can add to the bed units any time at very reasonable rates and according to your child’s tastes.

Berg’s units will meet all your requirements irrespective of the size of your room. Their other quality beds include the Utica Storage Bunk Bed with Stairs, Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed, and the Utica Full Loft with Three Drawer Study Station- all of which come with the same standard of construction, wood finish, and easy maintenance.

The Sierra Twin Over Twin Captain’s Bed for Two is handy, fun and safe for your children. It provides you a fabulous return on your investment by giving you more for less.

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