Slat Bunk Bed with Optional Under Bed Accessories Offers Blast From the Past

Mission Youth Slat Bunk Bed with Optional Under Bed Accessories

Don’t companies make regular bunk beds any more? If you’ve found yourself frustrated by all the expensive extra features that furniture manufacturers tack on to modern bunk bed designs, and if you’re wondering if anyone makes a traditional bunk bed these days, look no further than the Tradewins Mission youth slat bunk bed with optional under bed accessories.

While there may be nothing overly fancy about this bed, its sturdy and elegantly simple design is sure to meet your kids sleeping needs, plus with the ample under-bed storage of the Tradewins slat bunk bed you’re sure to still find places for all your kids toys and treasures. However, if the need for extra sleeping space is more pressing than your need for storage, Tradewins offers you the chance to accessorize your under-bed features, with the option of replacing the storage with a handy trundle bed feature.

But don’t be fooled here. Just because I use words like ‘simple’ and ‘traditional’ to describe this bed doesn’t make it any less of a quality product. As with all their products, Tradewins Furniture is dedicated to providing the consumer with beds made with quality materials and craftsmanship, while still retaining a practical and functional bed design that is sure to handle all your children’s bedroom needs.

Simple is Often Better

Let’s be honest here folks. With the amount of effort that other companies are pouring into the extra gadgets, accessories, and unique designs that they tack onto their bunk beds, it always comes at a cost. For many beds the cost is upfront, as those more extravagant units can cost thousands of dollars more than this mission youth slat bunk bed, but what do you get for that extra money?

Often you get the same two beds, the same design options, and the same storage that you find here, just wrapped in a different package.

For other companies, however, who offer extravagant looking beds at a price that seems too good to bed true, as with everything else in life, there’s probably a catch. With beds like those, while the cost may seem affordable, you can bet that corners have been cut somewhere along the line to make the best cost effective for the company. That may mean, unfortunately, that the quality of the bed, the safety features it offers, or the overall craftsmanship is less than par, and who would want that for their family?

So don’t be fooled by the expensive brands. If you’re looking for simple, affordable bedding solutions, with products that retain a sense of class and elegance, look no further than the Tradewins Mission youth slat bunk bed with optional under bed accessories. Not only is it guaranteed to provide your kids with a safe and secure bed, with its optional accessories it is certain to provide you with exactly the bed you need.

Not only that, but with its relatively negligible dimension— Overall bed dimensions: 70″ H x 46″ W x 81″ D—the Tradewins slat bunk bed is sure to fit into even the smallest of spaces. If you’re looking for a traditional, simple bunk bed design for your kids, Tradewins has the answer.

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