Sleeping Three? Use the Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft with Full Size Third Bed

Graduate Series Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft Full Size Third Bed

It is surprising to hear that more couples today are having multiples (meaning twins, triplets, etc…) than ever before. With this increase comes the added worry of how to comfortably fit your rapidly growing family into an affordable space, while still allowing everyone room to move and be comfortable. If you need to optimize the limited space in your house, there are several bed designs available, but none will meet your needs like the Graduate Series extra long triple lindy loft with full size third bed.

While it may not be accurate to throw the term ‘space saver’ around when it comes to this Loft with full size third bed, this unit is still designed to maximally optimize the space in any bedroom, allowing three people to sleep comfortably while still leaving plenty of space left over. Further, with the addition of a full sized third bed underneath, there’s still room for friends, family, or company should it become necessary.

Not only that, but as with all the products in the Graduate series line, the warm, natural tones of this bed are sure to please the eye as well. Quite simply, University Loft is famous for its innovative space-saving designs, and even with large units such as this, you’ll find, as many others have before you, that all your bedroom furniture needs will fit into one compact package, with plenty of room left over for whatever else you can think of.

A Long-Term Investment

Bunk and Loft beds are expensive, there’s simply no way of getting around this fact. But by investing in an extra long triple lindy loft you’ll have a bed that will certainly outlast the years of use that your kids will get out of it. Though bunk beds are traditionally thought of as solutions for young children, the extra long twin beds in this unit will comfortably sleep teenagers as well, and the full sized bed beneath is perfect for people of all sizes.

That means, quite simply, that this bed will last your children for as long as they need it; from toddlers to teenagers, there will be few things as stable and sturdy in their lives as this innovative bunk bed unit. Beyond that, as with all University Loft products, this bed is designed to seamlessly incorporate multiple sets of drawers, desks, shelves, and other clever storage spaces, meaning that you won’t have to find extra space to fit all the other bedroom essentials in.

As customers can attest to, however, a unit containing two extra long twins and one full sized bed is bound to be heavy, and even with simple tool-less assembly system and its relatively compact dimensions—Each individual twin size bed end: 34.5” H x 41.25” W x 3” D; Full extension kit: 15.5” H x 16.5” W x 84.75” L; Overall height: 70.56″—it will take two or three adults to fully assemble this bed.

But if you’re looking to comfortably sleep two or three growing children, there are few better options than the Graduate Series extra long triple lindy loft with full size third bed.

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