The Soft, Natural Tones of the Discovery World Honey Full Over Full Bunk Bed

There’s no question that when shopping for a bunk bed, no matter for what purpose, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing; something that will consistently delight the eye and something that  is sure to please all those who see it. The problem, you’ll soon discover, is that many companies tend to hollow out their own market niche, meaning that some will focus on aesthetic quality, others will focus on functionality, and still others will focus on cost. The unfortunate reality of the bedroom furniture market, therefore, is that it is rare to find a bed that focuses strongly on more than one category, which means that the Discovery World honey full over full bunk bed is truly a special find.

Discovery World Honey Full Over Full Bunk Bed

What is truly amazing about this bed, however, as with all the Discovery World products that sport the same honey-colored finish, is that it is ideally colored for a child’s bedroom. Studies into the psychology of color have shown that while many consider yellow to be an optimistic and cheery color, that in a room with yellow babies will cry more and people will lose their tempers quicker. The reason for this, scientists have discovered, is that yellow is one of the hardest colors for the human eye to process. However, incorporating brown into the color mix will produce an entirely different reaction, the same reaction that you and your family will have when gazing upon this honey full over full bunk bed.

By softening the color scheme of this bed, it quickly becomes a piece of furniture that prompts peace and calm, as its soft, natural tones are soothing to the human eye, which in turn allows the observer to relax just a little bit more. When shopping for beds, though, one of the things you’ll discover is that many companies tend to mask the natural wood finish of a bed either by using paints or stains. For me, I have always found these painted and stained beds to be less appealing, which makes the Discovery World Furniture honey full over full bunk bed one of the best looking, best built beds on the market.

Full Over Full Fulfillment

For me, there are few bunk bed combinations better than the full over full setup. Quite simply, not only will the bed provide your kids with great sleeps, with the size of the beds it can be used to sleep almost anyone, from toddlers to adults. There are few other bed sizes that provide the same amount of space and versatility as a full over full, so if you’re looking to invest your money in a bed that is sure to last through all the seasons of your children’s lives (and then some), consider this bed from Discovery World.

Even with its larger full-sized beds, the cleverly innovative design is still sure to provide you with the space optimization—overall dimensions:  68″ H x 80″ W x 57″ D—you’re looking for. With the bonus that in addition to the Discovery World honey full over full bunk bed you can purchase an entire bedroom furniture set that all sports the same soft honey finish, you may just have found the answer to all your children’s bedroom needs.

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