Tradewins Birch Youth Computer Loft Bed in Natural Finish

It may seem like a ludicrous thing to say, but I went from foster parent to adoptive parent because of the purchase of two Tradewins Birch Youth Computer Loft Beds in a Natural Finish. I didn’t have the best start in life. My dad left when I was less than two months old and my mother ended up in prison when I was six.  I went through several care homes until at the age of 12 I was placed with a long term foster family and that made the difference to who I am today. They loved me and guided me and enabled me to become an individual rather than just some other kid in care.

I wanted to do the same for someone else. I set myself up with a good job and a two bedroom house and became a foster parent, taking on older children during periods of crisis. Most were for short term respite, but two years ago I was asked whether I would consider taking on two brothers whose parents had been killed in a tragic road accident. They were seven and five when they came into my care and I set their room up with standard bunk beds, a chest of drawers, double wardrobe, and a desk.  It didn’t leave a lot of room for much else, but we got by and as time passed we became a cohesive family unit.

That was a wonderful feeling, to know these two young boys had come through the toughest time and were blossoming before my eyes. Soon afterwards though arguments started. The eldest, now approaching ten, wanted to stay up later than his brother. The youngest wanted to sleep on the top bunk but that was his brother’s and always had been. Bedtime became a time of fights and arguments that came to a head on the night when the ten year old pushed the eight year old off the top bunk and he fell and broke his wrist.

Something had to be done. A foster parent’s review was done and with the two boys in a single room now that they were older they began to question if my accommodations were suitable.  I couldn’t afford to move and there wasn’t enough room to put two separate beds into the room. I was in danger of losing these two sweet boys and they were in danger of losing themselves as arguments and social care visits made them feel unstable.

A friend of mine suggested getting loft beds for both of the boys. We could then get rid of the other furniture in the room and there would be no arguments about who was to sleep on the top bunk. We shopped around until we came across the Tradewins Birch Youth Computer Loft Bed. It looked ideal for what we needed and we selected the natural finish because it was light and clean looking and would suit the decoration in the boys’ bedroom.

Both the boys loved their new beds. They seem to have more space in the room now as well and they are getting on much better. There is less fighting and arguing and bedtimes are no longer a traumatic affair for anyone. What is more, this Mother’s Day the boys asked me whether I would look into becoming their adoptive mother rather than just their foster mother. The Tradewins Birch Youth Computer Loft Bed is a sturdy piece of furniture and is seeing to the boys’ needs wonderfully.

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