Tradewins Birch Youth Loft Bed in Natural Finish

I recently bought the Tradewins Birch Youth Loft Bed in Natural Finish. I’d been looking for a bed to accommodate my ten year old twin daughters for some time. They were having to move into the same room as my three year old son was ready for his own room, and I was certainly ready for him to be moving out of mine!

After having their own bedrooms since we moved into this house four years ago the girls were apprehensive about having to share. They weren’t keen on having standard bunk beds and separate beds were not feasible as the room is only a small double.

We looked through a lot of websites and bed showrooms and I was concerned by how flimsy some of the beds looked. I wanted a bed that was going to last several years and not sway and shake if my girls had friends over, because I knew they would all end up on the top bunk regardless of any kind of warnings not to. When I came across the Tradewins Youth Loft Bed I was pleasantly surprised.  The sturdy wooden build and quality of the bed put my mind at rest.

I am not the best at putting furniture together, but the loft bed was easy to assemble.  The instructions were good and I was pleased that I had a friend to assist as it may have been difficult on my own. A couple of the guide holes weren’t exactly lined up, but my friend was handy with the screwdriver and able to solve that minor issue. Even with this it only took three hours and with a bottle of wine to celebrate afterwards it was well worth the effort.

The bed looks great in my daughters room and they are ecstatic. Not only is there more space in their room the storage incorporated into the Tradewins Birch Youth Loft Bed means that they are able to put things away and out of the reach of their little brother.

I was a little worried about either of my girls being on the top bunk. They have been known to sleepwalk in the past, but the guard rails and the ladder are both robust and I am confident that they are safe. The only arguments we have now are about who is going to sleep on the top bed and who is going to have the bottom. Mind you they sorted that out between themselves, writing a roster rather than doing their homework.

The twins are happy in their shared room and my son is settling into his own room nicely. I might even ask my friend if he wants to stay over next time we share a bottle of wine.  With a three year old in my bedroom it was never really an option, but thanks to the Tradewins Birch Youth Loft Bed I may well be able to embark on a new journey of my own.

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