Tradewins Echo Falls Bunk Bed in Rosewood

Who would ever have thought that the Tradewins Echo Falls Bunk Bed in Rosewood could have been instrumental in saving the relationship I have with my two sons?  When my marriage of fifteen years broke down I moved out of the family home leaving my sons of 12 and 9 behind. Things were very difficult for a while and although I saw them each weekend our relationship became strained.

I needed to spend more time with them, but I was living in a small one bedroom flat and while camping out in sleeping bags had been fun to begin with it soon lost it’s appeal.  I was devastated when they started to want to go home on Saturday evenings rather than remain with me until Sunday afternoon. When we discussed it they admitted they didn’t like sleeping on the floor anymore and wanted to have a bed.

I didn’t have a room where the boys could sleep, but I erected a simple dividing wall in the bedroom to give them their own space. It wasn’t much; more a den than a room, but I purchased the Echo Falls Bunk Bed and put that in there. The boys appreciated the space and loved the bed.

The only difficulty we had then was arguments about who was going to be sleeping on the top level, and I am thrilled that the solution we came up with means I even more quality time with them. They come with me after school on a Friday so they can both have a night on the top bunk before going back to their mother.

The bed is great and my sons sleep well and have a comfortable night every time they stay now.  It was still a bit cramped and there was little room for their belongings, so I am moving into a new property with a separate bedroom for them next week and things are definitely looking up.  The boys are definitely excited about the move and being able to decorate their new bedroom.

Wanting to make their new room special I asked them if they wanted to keep the bunk bed or get new ones since there will be enough room now.  It is testament to the bed that they both want to keep the bunk and I am content with that. The Tradewins Echo Falls Bunk Bed is a well manufactured piece of furniture and will last my boys a long time.  If they get to the point where they do not want to use the bed as a bunk I know they will be comfortable with them separated. It is a nice looking bed that makes the boy’s room feel warm, homely and secure.

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