Tradewins Echo Falls Computer Loft Bed in Rosewood

I recently purchased the Tradewins Echo Falls Computer Loft bed in Rosewood and it has been a Godsend. When my elderly father became ill and it became increasingly difficult for him, and worrisome for us, for him to cope with living on his own we decided that rather than him move into sheltered accommodation he would come to live with us.

My eight year old son loves his grandfather dearly, but was reluctant about the move because it meant he would have to relocate from his bedroom and into a small box room that is only really suitable as office or storage space. We had no idea how we were going to fit him and all his belongings into the small room, until we came across the Tradewins Echo Falls Computer Loft bed.

When the bed was delivered we were a little daunted about putting it together, but although two of us were definitely required the instructions were simple. My son helped and is excited that he gets to climb a ladder to get into bed while we are content he is safe and secure with the guard rails.

What is more with all the storage space available he has started to keep his room tidy! He has space for his television and Playstation and actually takes pleasure in having his clothes in the wardrobe and putting things away in the drawers. I am not sure that is going to last as long as the bed itself, but it seems at the moment that beds truly can work miracles!

Now not only does my son love having the opportunity to spend as much time with his grandfather as he wants, but he has a great bed too. We purchased the additional mattress for the under bed sleeper drawer so he can still have friends over without compromising on the space in the room.

The warm feel and look of the bed fits in well with the feel of our home, and it is a lovely looking piece of furniture as well as being practical. I would highly recommend the Tradewins Echo Falls Computer Loft bed to anyone who is short of space in a child’s bedroom. Not only does my son think it is the ‘best bed ever’, but it is stunning, sturdy, and will see him well into his teenage years.

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